Wappalyzer anyone?

I've recently started using the Wappalyzer add-on for Chrome (there is also one for Firefox). I'm finding the information very helpful. It tells you with a click most of the CMS's, scripts, frameworks, etc. that are used by any website you visit. Realizing there are other ways to determine this information, I am finding this a very quick an easy way to see what's used to create any site I visit.

The Wappalyzer web site wappalyzer.com, has a running total of identified technologies (and, man is it running) along with stats about market share of various web building blocks. The sample is not completely random, of course, since it is based on sites visited by users of the add-on (supposedly sent anonymously).

Here is shot of the Gigarank home page with the add-on in action:



Oh, thanks! I didn't know about this. Looks useful, and I love that there's a Firefox add-on as well. Definitely giving it a try!


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It's available for firefox as well, It is great and It gets better when you add Server Spy plugin.