Weather Roller Coaster

50 degree F change over a week seems like no big deal,


Then it's 40 degree F swing in under 2 days,


Now we're looking at almost 80F today (I'm confident it will be a little warmer - it almost always is) and 17F (!!! which smiley is for BRRRR?) tomorrow night,


If we make it up to 82F today and drop to 17 tomorrow, it could be a 65 degree drop in ~36 hours, which I'm pretty sure I haven't experienced before. The plant life around here is not happy right now.

Just keeping those sweaters and short pants handy.

Big thanks to GigaRank for the excellent image hosting feature. :clapping:


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Someone remind me to bring gloves and a coat the next time I'm in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and the temperature is minus 27 Fahrenheit (-33 Celsius)!!!
I have a friend here in TX who is from North Dakota and I don't think I've ever even seen him in a jacket around here.


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At least the temps are going up for you.... it was -15 degrees F with a negative wind chill that made it feel like -20 just the other day here in Michigan.