Web site down again


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Thread moved from guest to hosting support forum.

I'm sure you must be aware of the reason Jim. We had a discussion about this in August when you were warned about the spam e-mails that were being sent through your e-mail account. We did give you ample warning to clean up your Website and Database.


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Yes and I went through everything then too. There were no sent messages that were spam from any of my accounts in sent mail.
My best guess would be spoofing. If the best programmers in the country can't stop that I can't either.

If emails were being sent from my account, then they would show up in sent mail.

I thought this was resolved.

I have had this domain many years and have never had this problem before.

I don't send spam and I do not condone it.

However, I will be more than happy to move along if that is what is wanted. You don't have to shut down my site to get that..just tell me I am not welcome here and I will gladly leave.

I am a very proud American Veteran and more than happy to move along when I am not welcome, I learned to do that back in the 70's.
Since I have not sent any spam and none has shown up in my sent boxes, It only stands to reason that there is another reason.

If you will kindly provide me with a copy of my backup files, I will collect it and delete my account.

Genesis, My site has been hacked and attacked constantly for years. It just goes with the territory. I believe that we have a responsibility as humans to protect the Earth that we live on and the creatures that we share it with.

That is not always a very welcome proposition and indeed I generate my share of hate fans. LOL Just part of the job !!

I appreciate the use of the space while I had it, gigarank is among the best I have used, paid or free hosting.

I had back when the problem started asked about moving to paid hosting and if that would resolve the problem.

I was prepared to do just that, but I never received a response.

I didn't go ahead and do it, because I could not find the reason for the spam issue and paying for hosting only to have it suspended was a bit concerning to me.

At any rate, If I can have the backup files I would be most grateful. It will save me weeks of work in having to rebuild the site.

If you want to email them to me please let me know and I will be expecting them.

Thanks again, best wishes to everyone and a Happy Holiday Season.

With Respect,
Jim Windwalker
Founding Director/ First Nations Outreach Project


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Sorry that it didn't work out Jim, it certainly never was personal. We just can't have this on a shared server:
Windwalker said:
My site has been hacked and attacked constantly for years. It just goes with the territory.

I've unsuspended your account to allow you to make a full backup of all of your files and will keep it unsuspended until end of Friday US Eastern Time in order to give you the maximum time to download all of your files.