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This is my very first topic in this forum which is NOT an HOSTING REQUEST!

I've successfully logged into my account and see that There's only a limit of 25 webmails in my hosting.

But i need a lot of webmail. So, can i increase my webmail to unlimited? If i can, how much points i need?


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@DJB I have coded a thing which is called auto e-mail. If any user sign up to my community, automatically a email id will created too. Like, [email protected].

It required webmail.

Can you kind enough to permitted me to have unlimited webmail, please?


@cjuday. Not only are you limited to 25 e-mail accounts, but you are also limited to 25GB bandwidth and 1GB disk space. Just imagine if you had unlimited e-mail accounts and all your members were uploading and downloading attachments and content at random? You'll have exhausted your bandwidth allocation in the first two days and when that happens your Website will be immediately suspended.

This is a shared server and by default impossible for any person to have unlimited anything. Why not start small, and try and conserve your bandwidth as much as you can. Learn everything you can about the resources that are available to you first.

Ogah's suggestion for your e-mail accounts is a great suggestion. I suggest you look for all of Ogah's discussions in the support forum as Ogah shared some valuable lessons with us of how to make the most of our bandwidth.


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Sorry, we will not be offering free unlimited email accounts on free hosting accounts. Ogah made a great suggestion for you!