webpage not opening


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after Name Server change my website working fine, but from last 2 hrs website not opening

Cpanel Name: durga13
URL: http://www.durgapuja2013.com


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I can open it just fine Durg. And it downloads normally and fast as per usual.

Do you think this could be something to do with your IP?


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Me too. I was updated the DNS on yesterday but still have problem when opening my site. Then I tried to contact my domain support and they're said if the DNS propagation takes a few hours to a maximum of 48 hours to complete. So, I sugest to waiting for a while until propagating process is done.

Try to clear cache your browser then try to open your site. At most case, your browser might be still save the latest cache.


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I was just going to suggest that too Jaran. I noticed all the pages that Durgapujo has open on his thumbnail. Which means he probably has not logged out in a while, so no doubt you are right.

I use the "run" feature on my Windows XP as I find that works best:

1. CMD
2. ipconfig/flushdns