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I just ran a speed test on our website using the pingdom speed test, looks like we did ok :)



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That looks like a great performance for me and here. I did that test with my biggest site and it said this "Your website is slower than 72% of all tested websites".... not good. What do the requests mean?


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What does it mean when they say one's Website is faster than x%?

If Gigarank is faster than 75% does this mean it is as fast as 25%?

Just checked Frihost and it is faster than 93% of tested Websites - so 7%? And that would make sense. It's dragging like crazy and is downloading slowly, which says that the new ownership of BurstNET, DigiPLUS - is not doing too well speed wise. I'm still following the discussion on Webhosting Talk and some of the engineers reckon they are losing packets. Others seem to think it could be that every one is making backups like crazy.

OK, one can't read all of those posts (thread is now 119 pages), but this one is worth reading of how to REALLY look after one's customers .... I'm totally impressed, and his name is Chris too .... and he obviously loves his hobby, even has nick names for his servers :p

Update: I've just found the post about the packet loss:


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this very useful website to test website speed. how increase Pref grade 90<
if my site page is more than 1 mb what is load time is best for my website?