Website speed

Sander k

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The faster your host is the better this is for SEO.
Google will come to your website more often, but will leave faster.
Thats a good thing.

Many (free) webhosts are far to slow.


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The response speed of the host gives a better ranking but not only this. You must check pageload at general.
For example: how many connections the browser have to make to fetch entire page content? Are you using CDN and which one? Do you have fallback safety for the CDN? Are you using gzip? etc.

SEO is a tricky business but we can reveal the secrets :yahoo:

We can make a basic howto and why if you want! :p


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Nothing can beat a quality Website with quality content. It would still triumph Websites with lesser quality who are much faster.


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I strongly believe in what Hellsing said. A quality website gets you visitors that will keep on coming back. Especially if you keep updating the website.