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Is there a way to know how many visitors a blog or website is getting each day? When I was hosted by Hostgator, on Cpanel there was a space on the left that told how many visitors to the site there were every day, but I haven't seen that on this Cpanel through Gigaranks.

I've got my blog up and going, will tweak on it some more. Don't know if this niche will go anywhere, but it's a subject of interest to me. I like the theme which is appropriate for a blog, whereas I used to have to use a regular website theme and had a lot of unused space.

Thinking of adding SEO All In One plugin to WP in hopes of driving more traffic, as well as making a page pn FB. This probably won't be my only niche ever, but the blog is at Haven't added affiliate link yet. Plan to add information or change it around some later.


I'm sure there are WordPress plugins available, just check in

I personally prefer AwStats in cPanel however. You can find it here:

Yes there is that, and I think there is even other software in the links section of Cpanel that has some code or file you can add to your site for tracking visitors, but be careful, they also track bots as a visitor. Thats why I like the cpanel latest visitors as I can compare IP's, see what pages they accessed. If its unwanted spammers, then I can block the IP. You can use google to check the IP and it will tell you if its blacklisted for spamming.


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i use statcounter, capable to monitor from where visitor come and how many visitor clicking ads or external link