Wget [SpamBot] What is it?


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Anyone know anything about a bot called Wget [SpamBot]? The last few days i`ve seen it on the gigarank forums, just wondered if it`s worth blocking or not.


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If I could ask, do you check the suspicious-looking IPs here ( h-ttp://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check ) or on any other sites like that? One of my websites provided a service which was not allowed to be used with proxies and thanks to the service mentioned here I could easily check whether someone is not using proxy or was not reported as a malicious bot.

That would be greatly useful in cleaning forums of such bots and like.

Anyways, you - as whole staff team - do a great job in hunting for spammers as the forums are pretty clean : )


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@Gregoric. We have to thank our Technical Admin, Unforsaken for it. He is an expert on spam proofing the Website. We only get human spammers from time to time. And those are easily dealt with as well.