What are your current projects?


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I have too many ideas and projects, i have just finished a score prediction website in raw PHP/SQL its pretty neat, but its private ;) so not sharing any link haha


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I'm working on a website that provides travelling information for tourists.
We are collaborating with some friends on development. :friends:


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My next project would be a mod for the Game "world of Tanks" but I need to gather informations how to code one .. there are no informations in the web.

I hope to find something about it somewhere :(


Trying to bring back NWFC, I know there is something called Wiimmfi, but doing this for fun.


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for now i just started to build website to make my portofolio, and i want to study about manage VPS. so i need to make qulity post on giga rank to make that happen,
25 quality post, 13 more. wish me luck mate.


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I'm making a website in node.js with error pages and anything needed.It's just for using my free time.It's not for any use but it's good to develop my skills.


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At the moment, I'm making a online .io game with a friend. It's like a mixture of "bloble.io" and "moomoo.io". We think it will be done at the end of April.


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Im working on a steam authenticated sites that will provide something that i am thinking.If you have any ideas be pleased to pm me :p


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I'm working on a custom design print shopping cart. It will contain web-to-print features for anyone to create their own personalized product.


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I am currently working on a phishing awareness campaign for my organisation. This includes a live phishing simulation setup.


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I'm creating a java server app which supposed to be a bridge between React cliant app in browser and applications beans on java server in secure environment.
It supposed to work as
- React application from browser generates POST request, containig module name, bean name and function to call in secure environment and values in JSON.
- Bridge checks security and translates POST to call the beans on java server
- returning value from beans translating back to JSON and transfering it to React app