What are your favourite channels for watching science and nature programs?


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So which channels do you watch for science and nature programs? Any programs you really like?

I don't get paid channels where I am, as it's a bit expensive relative to the quality of the programs that are available here in the UAE, but I used to like PBS from the US very much. It also contained plenty of political programs as well as biographies like a series on all of the US presidents. I also like BBC Science & Nature as well as the National Geographic and Discovery.

So how about you? Do you like to watch science and nature programs, and which channels do you favour?


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I rarely get time to watch TV, and we can't afford those channels, but I do have friends who have access, and I watch any channel that is available. One of my friends subscribes to National Geographic and another Discovery. I'd be very interested in BBC Science & Nature if it were available any where around here, provided it doesn't cost anything. I probably should look in our library if there are some videos available.


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Pauline you should check out the BBC iPlayer (its online ;) ) they may have some of the shows or a link to the shows there.

I love the Discovery Channel and another called Quest which has Myth Busters and other shows. I have a habit of making bets with the missus before they start each test to see who does the dishes :p David Attenborough does the best nature documentaries and they are on the iPlayer.


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The best Channels are Discovery Science, Discovery, Animal Planet, those channels are my fav, when It comes to watching science and nature programs, or National Geographic, because its amazing too.

Hells Bells

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I don't spend much time with TV, but I do like BBC Science and Nature very much. Probably because that's what my parents have on their telly. They also have Discovery.


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I'm not a TV fan like you Bells, but if so, I watch those programs I said before, because they are so interesting!


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When I watch television for science, I watch the Science, History, History 2, Discover channel and National Geographic Channels.


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We don't watch TV at all, but I like the Science Friday program on the US National Public Radio (NPR). The podcasts are just what I like: http://www.sciencefriday.com/audio/#page/full-width-list/1

Although the public schools still have a variety of science programs, including some after-school options, science has been underserved by the people in the US Legislature and federal funding for essential programs, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Foundation, and many research and development programs. I'm pleased that NPR dedicates several hours each Friday to open discussion about all things scientific.


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The best channels worth watching for science and nature programs are "National Geographic Channel" and "Animal Planet".

Some of the best programs in National Geographic Channel are:
1. Dangerous Encounters:a program on close encounters with deadly wild animals.
2. Built for the kill:a program explains about how each wild animal has evolved a best hunter for its survival.
3. Inside the giants: a program which explains how wild animals have got the capability to survive in the wild by studying its body structure, dissecting it.
and there are many more interesting programs in National Geographic Channel.

Some of the best programs in Animal Planet are:
1. Crocodile hunter: a program which gives a clear cut view on the behavior of crocodiles and how to protect them from humans in order to balance the nature and also explains the importance of crocodiles as part of nature.
2. Big Cat Diary: a program on how the cats are born, learn things, grow, hunt its prey and many characteristic features of the big cats like tigers, lions, leopards, panthers etc.

These are some of the interesting programs from these two channels.

Many more interesting programs like Incredible India, incredible Africa, Survival Man etc are programs worth watching from these channels.


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For me it is:

Animal planet
Encyclopedia (French Channel)
Chasse et Peche

These are mostly the one I watch on TV.