What are your favourite Mozilla Firefox add-ins?



I just discovered a new add-in today. It was there all along of course, but Filezilla seems to be broadcasted as the ftp software of choice so have missed it. Must say I like it. Very easy to install.


I also use a few add-ons for downloading YouTube shows and changing music to MP3. However am now curious to know what other add-ins I could have missed so am looking forward to hearing whether you have any to recommend.
Currently most used:

1. Save-to-read - very handy when skimming information I want to go back to later.
2. Download YouTube Videos as MP4 - this one is working pretty well now, I've tried several of these and it seems they stop working from time to time and I have to switch to a different one. I like the way this one adds the download option to the the YouTube interface right on the page under the video.
3. Free Memory - currently trying it out to see if it helps those times when Firefox gets overwhelmed. It seems to work but the jury is still out.
4. Web Developer - more handy features than I know what to do with.

Based on history, six months or a year from now, this list could be completely different.


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In China it would take long time to open if the web pages involve Google, twitter, facebook and Youtube. Therefore myfavourite add-ins is DISCOMMECT.


My favorite is NoScript. Having scripts turned off by default is good because it doesn't slow down so easily and many scripts are useless for me as a user especially statistics and ad scripts.

I also prefer the Download Statusbar over the default download window but it's not hugely important and I haven't bothered installing it on my current installation of Firefox.

I also like the oldbar plugin to get a more traditional look of the address bar.


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The Fox, Only Better
Youtube High Definition
Classic Theme Restorer
Theme font & Size Changer
Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel
Download Statusbar
Open with Photoshop
Fastest Search


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Best Proxy Addon: Zenmate
HHTP Request Handler: Tamper Data
For Cookies: Cookies Manager+
For Inspect Element: Firebug
For Ad blocking: Ad Block+


Firebug & Web Developer Toolbar for web development
Adblock Edge for ad blocking
Rikaisama for Japanese dictionary definitions
Classic Theme Restorer for those who prefer older Firefox themes.