What are your favourite seasons of the year?


I don't like extremes in weather, so usually the seasons I prefer are the ones that aren't too hot or too cold. In Vancouver, Canada it used to be spring (April and May) and fall (September and October). In the UAE where it is extremely hot in the summer, winter and spring are preferable for me. The period November to April is usually very good.

So what are your favourite seasons of the year where you are?


Sander k said:
I like the summer the most because the females have less on :p
You're right. Noticed that in particular when I was in Vancouver, Canada. The shortest of shorts and dresses.

Hells Bells

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I live in the UK. We can have bad weather all year round. Summer is of course my preference, but it's been a bit on the extreme hot this year and we don't really carry air conditioning here.


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I live near the North Eastern coast of the US in Vermont. Fall is definitely my favourite by far, as of course we get all those lovely fall colours this time of the year.



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Spring for me. Always the best weather of the year as well in the Philippines. April May are great for holidays here as well.


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I am from Jaipur, India where temperature varies from 40 F(Dec-January) in winter to 120 F(May-June) during summer. I like the Spring and Fall season which brings vibrant colors all around.


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Even though my country (PH) also has two seasons (Dry & Wet), I think spring is a lovely season. It's not too hot nor too cold.


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I really like autumn. Not only the weather but the atmosphere of autumn where summer is done with and normal activities are going on again. I also like spring when everything goes into reverse of autumn, looking forward to summer.


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I like the summer with its long days and warm sunshine days. I always take my holidays then, the nicest season for me.


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I like summer and autumn. those two seasons are amazing to me, because they are nice and cool.


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Well, I was born in November so the latter part of Fall. Though I love Summer and Fall too! Summer is warm and sunny which gives me an opportunity to get a natural tan (just not too much of course!). Fall is cooler which is a nice change from Summer. I like how clean the air is in Fall. You just don't get that in any other season really. The other seasons where I live are humid or too dry. I guess I just like a happy medium when it comes to the seasons lol


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Since what we have in Texas often feels like about nine months of summer and three months of miserable unpredictable winter, I like autumn and spring...when we get them. I like the varied colors of fall and the many subtle variations of green in the spring.


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I like spring. I really like it when it rains during the spring because nature is growing and the rain calms me down.


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Winter, because where I live it's tropical. Summer is unbearably hot, humid and wet. Spring and autumn don't really happen, and winter is wonderfully dry and sunny and so much cooler
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Oh without a doubt, Autumn is the season I tend to prefer, still not cold from the coming winter and no longer over heated from the waning summer, just wish it lasted longer here in the UK, seems like Autumn starts then 2 weeks later winter is upon us.