What are your plans for the summer holidays?


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I may be going for hiking in the Tirol in Austria. What are your plans for the summer holidays?

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It will probably be a working holiday for me. I prefer to travel during off peak times as I find cost of travelling during summer quite high.


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I've just purchased a ticket for traveling to Europe. Combining it with Istanbul by flying Turkish Airlines from Dubai. Fairly high risk for me as never flown Turkish Airlines before. I'm planning to stay over in Istanbul for three nights as have never been there before, and then visiting the Netherlands. I may make a side trip to Belgium. Or England, or both. Will see how far my budget goes. As Europe is probably going to turn out very expensive. I just reckoned with my contract almost at an end I won't get this opportunity to travel again in a while.


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I just really hope to find a job, but over the summer it is pretty hard to find anything. I hope to be able to travel to the UK in August or September. Been on my list of places to go to since forever.


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Yeah, I need a job too. I need to save up some money for my driving licence and the car :(


I am going to 2 festivals! that's my summer in 2 things! :L


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What festival's? I'm of to the UK leg of Sonisphere festival next weekend.

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