What are your recommended workflow to deploy your websites?


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It depends on what project you're working on. If it's just a little website with some simple database requests, you can pull it off on a shared server. However, if you're working on a larger scale project with hundreds or more people to manage the traffic of, you're gonna want to look into renting a dedicated VPS. DigitalOcean would be a really solid option for a medium sized project.


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You're saying that you havea ssh access to gigarank shared hosting?
On a serious note, don't listen to people who saying that to develop any serious project (medium+) you need any cool server options. You'll need them when you switch from dev to prod, but to develop you don't need anything fancy. You even don't need git if you're working alone, thou it helps even in that case. I prefer developing on a site, but you can developing everything localy on your own machine. Database migrations and sync is not an easy topic, and I don't think you need that either. Just ask yourself, what are you trying to make. If you're looking for frontend development, the following things can ease your life: npm & bower. If you're going to use SASS, then ruby + gem. If you're interested in backend development, then composer is your best friend. Use PhpStorm as your IDE and you're ready to go.


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If you're maintaining an existing production database, and a dev version - you're going to have to track those changes and if you're using version control, I'd put the update scripts in there. Otherwise, you've got to keep track of the changes manually. Either way, you're going to have to use a sql tool to make the changes in production - like phpmyadmin or Workbench.