What are your thoughts on the new round of domains?


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In a few months, there`s a new round of top level domain being released such as:


What are your thoughts on this? I personally think there is already too many domain extensions and will only confuse the average web user. Then there`s all the extra $$$$ domain registrars will make from companies just to protect their brand.


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Agreed. And .shop or .free or .game don't really look like serious names to me either. Quite a coincidence as I've just purchased a domain at GoDaddy, and I'd say the domains that really count for me are .com, .net and .org.


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Well I'm a little of an al cheapo guy, so like things that I can get for free. I realize I'll never get .com, .net or .org for free. But .tk works for me. I like the user-friendly way they are set up. I realize some people have complaints about .tk, but I think it's just because they are sloppy and don't pay attention when they set up the account. I.e. if you register a .tk domain it defaults to 3 month renewal, so one actually has to make it one year. And check in regularly.

But yes, the new ones like .free, just sounds spammy to me. Think I'll stick with .tk.


I also like .tk. And you're right about the renewal defaulting to 3 months. I went through that experience myself, losing my domain. So am more careful now. I'm game to try out the new domains however.


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Must say it's getting slightly confusing to me. Particularly after the co.cc disaster. I'd have thought there would have been less domains available, and they would make the options less with greater safety. The ones mentioned like .free sound like looking for trouble for me. Worse than .co.cc.


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The suffix .free or .shop seems and "sounds" like fishing or malware or .. something bad in general. The most used and "feels" bullet proof is the .com or every country specific for the consumers.

The .game will be good, I believe, if the community start using it for every game.

I believe the concept is good. For example .game is only for game relative content, .xxx is only for adult relative content. So if a parent want to prohibit the access to games or adult contents he/she only have to block those domains. (Yes I know me and my dream world ;) )

Hells Bells

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With games being so popular I can easily believe .game going viral even before it has started. No doubt that kind of popularity is going to make it an expensive domain to get.


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I guess that any domain system which makes it easier to access information is going to be renowned success. Here in the UK, most domains end in ".co.uk" but this is really confusing for non-computer savvy people as they may omit the dot or swap around the two words.

It's much easier if the domain ends in a related word - so a shop domain ending in ".shop" is useful for a technophobe wanting to do some online shopping!


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I'm not a huge fan of the new TLDs. I understand coming up with a new unique domain name has become limited and/or expensive but adding things like .shop .services just looks silly. Although maybe I'm just a grumpy old man that doesn't like change.
I never keep pace with all the latest fads I must say, the only domain extension I care about right now is .gi9.co :friends:


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Thanks to IP 6 technology. But the new domain extensions will take to grow as they are like newborns. I always .org and .com. I must try the new names.


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Maybe they won't be a hit right away, but with time people might get used to it, and it will stop looking suspicious. Happens with most new ideas, only variable is time.
So long as they don't suddenly disappear...