what do you mean by cpu architecture?


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I saw my intel cpu it shows 'this cpu is 64bit architecture support'. I want to just know what it means?


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64bit architecture is same as a highway for information to pass through. more instructions to do, doing faster the 32bit and better managing computer resources (i.e., memory, hard disk and etc.).


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Simply I would say that a 32 bit processor can address 32 bits of data at a time while a 64 bit one can address 64 bits at a time.

Digging too deep into CPU architecture may not be too good for you.. its rather complicated..


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What's essential to know about the 32-bit to 64-bit move is that 32-bit computers, due to their limitations in address space could only effectively utilize upto ~4GB RAM. With 64-bit computing, a personal computer can now access over 128GB RAM, which doesn't even exist in home systems but that's what makes the technology future proof.


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You are all mentioning just Intel architecture, there is also the intel IA64, PowerPC, atom and the list goes on, yes x64 is backwards compatible with any x86 (by that meaning 386 and up not the 8086 or 286 models). it boils down to the machine language commands that are provided based on the hardware


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The most important type of hardware design is a computer's processor architecture. The design of the processor determines what software can run on the computer and what other hardware components are supported. For example, Intel's x86 processor architecture is the standard architecture used by most PCs