what games you like?


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i like TF2 minecraft Black Ops 2 Halo 4 Aliens vs Predator Left4Dead 1 and 2 Gotham city Imposters and Far Cry 3.

what games youlike?


My favorite games are The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, Banjo-Kazooie, Tales of Symphonia, Mario 64, and Knights of the Old Republic, and Resident Evil 4.


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It's difficult for me to find ones that I actually enjoy playing. Perhaps I'm just picky, lol. There are a few games I like, like Eternal Legacy, Evac, Plants VS Zombies (beat it though so I don't play it anymore), and Six Guns.


My favorite game is Street Fighter. No one can beat me in it as I play this most of the time.


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most rpgs :p , and some action/3rd person series .. like assassin's creed / devil may cry / prototype ..


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I miss playing Mass Effect (had it for the PC) and the plot + gameplay was really fun. Really loved the interactions with the aliens and epic plot (although the last one was really meh).

I hope Bioware comes out with a new game that has as complicated a universe as Mass Effect. Either that or I hope I can get it for the xbox, as I'd love to play all 3 again - but on console (I'm getting used to console gaming's merits).


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I`m a fan of the Resident Evil games, I also like playing on the Halo games.

I do not get that much time to play on games that much these days unfortunately as I`m virtually always busy.


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Text based mmorpgs are my style of game though Final Fantasy 8 has to be the best game ever made (in my opinion) due to the size of area available, graphics and generally everything about it and it was all done on a PS1 which made it really stand out. FF13 onwards are just awful.


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I love playing The Sims 3 and The Sims Medieval for PC. I have The Sims 3 for Nintendo GameCube as well (I play it using my Wii which is compatible with GameCube games) but you don't get all the options you get in game for the PC version. My favorite part of the game is decorating or building houses. I could spend days on decorating or building houses and not even play the people's lives!


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My Favorite Games:
1- Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
2- Battlefield 4
3- Batman Arkham Origins
4- Assassins Creed IV
5- Wanted Weapons Of Fate


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Most any decently-done FPS...Still a huge fan of the original Quake I...here it is over 15 years since it came out & people are still creating new maps for it, some of them commercial quality...and with the source code available, the engine's been upgraded to take advantage of current capabilities....too much fun!



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I like FPS (First Person Shut)

- Battlefield is the king but any other is ok.
- Unreal (any kind).
- Mame I have follow for Years.

and World of Tank completely free with Tank is very beautiful.

I have completed many games, of which I like most are,

1. Assassin creed collections.
2. Call od Duty - Black Obs 1 & 2
3. Far Cry 3 :cool:
4. Tomb Raider :p
5.Resident evil 4, 5 & 6