what games you like?


Does habitrpg.com count? It's basically a habit tracker/task list with game elements added. Other than that, I don't play much.


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I live on small village far away from city, so I enjoyed playing "Harvest Moon Back to Nature" on PS 1 while I was kid. Its harvest time...:yahoo:


I like adventure games and at the moment I'm playing Grim Fandango in ResidualVM (similar to ScummVM but for different games). I have been thinking of playing it for a long time but it has never happened, until now. I have not played it before but I have seen other people play it, but not much, I remember I thought Glottis was extremely ugly, like he doesn't fit in, but I don't mind so much now. I enjoy the game so far. Looks like I have a little bit less than 2/3 left of the game.


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I like to play San andreas multiplayer, league of legends, counter strike global offensive, gta 5, test drive unlimited 2, battlefield 4 and cod4


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I'm definitely more into retro games than modern day games and more so into retro rpgs and platformers. I'd rather play one of my Sega Genesis over my PS4 any day, however I do enjoy to play modern games from time to time so I wouldn't sell my PS4. :p I also don't like strategic RPGs... they bore me to death honestly. :\


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Im totally in to Diablo3 at this moment , but i like alot of games and genres.
The thing is with PC games that there are alot of cheaters in multiplayers that ruins the fun of it for me atleast , and i dont wanna play on console because of the limitations and also hardware cant change it .
So i basicly quit shooters for the cheaters , and i quit WoW out of boredom i mean it went down the drain after WotLK and beyond .(thats just my 2censt no offense to people who still enjoy their games).
So Diablo3 it is for me , and i recently got GTA V (single player 80% bored of it ^^ not liking MP)
I stream from time to time some of my gameplay , dont be a stranger ;) .


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My fav games are:
for PS3 - Fifa 15, GTAV, Mortal Kombat
for PC : WOW, LoL, Dota
for Smartphone: Hayday, Farm Heroes

That's all :)


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I love to style games "sandbox" and RPG (terraria, starbound, minecraft, untornad, age of mythology or empires, warcraft, state of decay, skyrim, final fantasy)


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Ya, I like MAME games too. Retro.

Used to play Neverwinter Nights until it ended. I like RPGs too.

Used to play the Ultima series, Ultima Underground, if anyone can remember those.

Does anyone remember those?


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I have a Wii and a playstation three. I have Excite Truck and Bully Scholarship on wii.

And on playstation three, call of duty black ops 3 and GTA V.


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CS:GO, used to play LoL, but it is boring since they add new stuff all the time, not interesting for occasional player