what games you like?


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RPG especially the classic one's. Suikoden 2, Final Fantasy, Xenogears? Uhh. Those were the days.
Special mention: RE , Monster Hunter & GTA series


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I love games which are not too complex for me to learn how to play it. Even simple first person shooters can become quite complex for me as I cannot remember shortcuts on the keyboard, or forget which mousebutton to use.
But I do like fps games, adventure games, browsergames (depending on which they are)


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Man, this is kind of a hard choice. I play a lot of games. I'm gonna have to say Real Time Strategy games are the ones I like to play the most. Oh yeah and I forgot about Minecraft, that's a fun one to do. Love the sandbox-style stuff too.


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i played minecraft my entire life, and these others too: gta sa, assetto corsa, csgo, and i like cod games, but i dont own anyone