What happens when you are unable to maintain your VPS by posting


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I was wondering what the consequences of failing to reach the maintenance threshold of posts per month for a free VPS are. Say maybe you skip a month because of unavoidable reasons. What happens then? Do you lose your VPS or is it just disabled and can be re-enabled by continuing to post?


If you haven't posted at all for the month without notifying us your VPS will be suspended permanently. If you have made some posts and haven't notified us, your VPS will be suspended provided that you return during the next month and ask to make amends.

But first you've got to make the 25 quality posts to get a VPS. So maybe focus should be quality posting for now. May be a good idea to read the TOS and Guidelines for Quality Posts that are posted up in the VPS application section of the Forum. One-liner posts with very little discussion in them will be subtracted from the post total. Inquiries like this thread you've created also don't count for quality posts.


AquaKillerPvP said:
I am sorry but i am spamming.
Idk why u have this rule

You're right. This is spamming. We have the rule because this is a post4host Forum. And if you have taken the trouble to read our rules you'll notice that you need to make 15 maintenance posts in order to get a hosting account.


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