What is "Positive" SSL?


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So I went and bought a new domain tonight. I got it for a really good deal at Namecheap together with free Whois Guard (private registration). It also had a special offer for PositiveSSL for only 1.99USD which I decided to go for. I know what SSL is, but haven't seen "Positive" before. Has any one used Positive SSL before?


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I never used a "Positive" SSL domain addon...but I know what an SSL is! :confused:

-----The information below is just to inform those that doesn't know what SSL is: -----
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer this is a web protocol developed to provide domains or websites a secure date transmittion. It is encrypted in a special string so that the data won't get cracked too easily. However "Positive" SSL has a slight difference in comparison to "normal SSL". Positive SSL is developed by Comodo Security company, it provides a higher security data encryption to make your domain even secure, its just an additional addon to your domain that makes it more secure. I don't think it is neccesary to enable it unless you are trying to use commercial grade credit card transactions... :smile:

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PeaceSigns said:
Doesn't comodo offer free SSL (Free for 1 year)?

No, free for 30 days and some guy from South Africa calls you on the phone trying to sell you some expensive stuff.

I am using GeoTrust Global CA SSL now for about a week.