What is the best music concert you've ever been to?


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So I'm curious. What music concerts do you like, and which is the best one you've ever been to?


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Sander k said:
Anouk in 2000 or something, she is awesome live.
you should also mention that she's hot too ! haha :p

Haven't been to major concerts apart from the "Isle of MTV" which has been hosted in my country for some 7 years (since 2007) in a row already, and I think they're going to do it again here next year.

During that I've seen live; Lady GaGa (at her first step into stardom!), Black Eyed Peas (they're crap live!), The Kooks, Akon, Snoop Dog (he's awesome!), Jessie J, Afrojack, Rudimental, Rita Ora... and a whole lot of other bands and singers !

the best part... the concert always had free entrance cos' it's sponsored by the Government. :smile:


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Avenged Sevenfold puts on a great live show, I saw them live 2 months before The Rev passed away and am glad I did. Second best, As I Lay Dying.


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The best band I have seen in concert is Rush. Though they are all about 60 years old, they still play for 3 hours and each song is a unique musical work. The Clockwork Angels Tour included a string ensemble and it added quite a bit to the studio recordings. They not only added to the Clockwork Angels Album but also incorporated their classics. Rush's stage presence is still fantastic and right in the beginning you could see the connection between the band members. It was a great show and I cannot wait to see them again.


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No easy choice but for it's quirkiness I choose "Bohren & der Club of Gore". Music can't be played any slower ... and it's performed in near darkness.


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Gotta be Blue Oyster Cult back in the late-70s...whole different era than now, general seating (so you could get as close to the stage as you wanted), awesome laser show, pretty good acoustics (for a stadium-style show)...too much fun, indeed!


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I couldnt say I have ever been to a concert(has seats). I go to several shows(standing room only) a year. It isnt uncommon for me to go to two shows in one night on the weekend if I want to catch the opening act at one place, then head to a different venue to catch the headliner.

The best show I have seen would be The Revival Tour when it was Chuck Reagan, Jon Snodgrass, Cory Branan, etc...
Its a really cool concept, you take a bunch of solo artists and throw them onstage together for three hours. No openers, no headliners. A group of solo artists playing their songs all together. Each tour was a whole new lineup with Chuck Reagan at the core of it. Unconventional and awesome.


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That's a tough call... Either '05 (i think) ozzfest: iron maiden played all songs from the first 4 albums. i had to love that. OR all shall perish in lake station, indiana. the faceless and arsis were there, and it was a small place, very up close and personal! I don't know that's just a hard question...TOO MANY SHOWS! hehe...:shout:


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Hmmm - that's a tough question: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention were great; Genesis (the original group) on their first three tours, the San Francisco Orchestra (with Zuben Mehta conducting) the Tchaikovsky First Piano Concerto; Emerson, Lake & Palmer, (for that matter Greg Lake, Asia, etc.); ACDC's first Thunderstruck tour; Deep Purple; Blue Oyster Cult; Humble Pie; Gentle Giant. My favorite concert, although it may not have been the best I've seen, was Procol Harum at Covent Gardens. Gary Brooker and Robin Trower were still friends and the music was more than I could have expected even from such virtuosos.


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I've actually only been to one concert and it was Muse. But seriously it was amazing. ;3; The sound and the lighting was just epic. <3

I mean...it's really impressive to hear a band that sounds just as good (if not better) live than they did on record x"D Matt Bellamy is really incredible. @_@


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The best concert that I went to was KISS and Poison in Pittsburgh. I'd say my least favorite was KISS and Aerosmith. Aerosmith headlined and played a very short set. It was the year they played their Honkin' on BoBo crap.

The best local concert that I go to every year is Rock for Life Concert. They raise money for local children who are fighting against deadly diseases.


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For Country Music: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Tammy Wynette at Ponderosa Park in Salem Ohio the United States in the early 90's. It was Miss Wynette ' s final tour before she passed. These three legends delivered a set of huge hits separately and then played another set of hit songs together. It was magical.
For Rock Music: Motley Crue, Whitesnake and Skid Row at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the United States. It was the Crue ' s "Girls, Girls, Girls tour. Each band were on the top of the charts so their was rarely a song that wasn't known. And Tommy Lee's rotating drum kit stole the show that night for sure!
For Metal Music: Testament, Annilihator and Wrathchild America at South Hills Theatre in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the United States. It was Testament ' s "Practice What You Preach Tour". Shannon Larkin (current drummer of Godsmack) was the drummer for Wrathchild America and I became a huge fan of his that night. And Testament became one of my favorite bands to see live with this show.