What is your favorite Linux distribution, and why?


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I know that Ubuntu is designed for Linux Newbies, but I like the ease of installation. However, since the Gnome started straying away from the familiar Windows-style user interface, I started using a Linux Mint distribution based on Ubuntu. I really like the Cinnamon desktop, but I miss the Compiz special effects that I had in Ubuntu. Mate is closer to the Gnome desktop that was used in Ubuntu before Unity, but the task bar is very buggy. The task bar in Cinnamon is more stable, and the entire system runs more smoothly. I just wish the special effects were there. (I totally dislike Unity. It is slow, quirky, and not very intuitive. Basically, the same response that I had for Windows 8.)

Actually, for now, I have removed Linux from my PC. It was not really my choice, however. When I upgraded to Windows 10, it removed Grub, and I am just too lazy to try to fix the grub install and re-configure things the way I had it. I had it set up to boot into Windows by default, but allow time to select Linux Mint. Mostly, the decision was based on the fact that if I install Linux again, I want to install the latest version.

Which distribution of Linux is your favorite, and why?


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I like Debian because it's stable and it respects the values of free software. I use an old version so I still have GNOME 2. :smile:

I also like Arch Linux because they have a great package managing system but unfortunately I find it's a bit too unstable for regular usage. I guess that's the price you have to pay if you want to have the newest versions of everything. :rolleyes:


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centos its the best for webhsosting or "gamehosting" low ram servers
linux lite for developing sites.
and windows when gaming.

my conclusion:

linux lite, centos, windows.

that are my 3 fav.


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I am using 3 linux distribution. CentOS for my server, 1st client PC is Debian based. I think this combination (server - centos ,client desktop - debian ) is the best. For client , debian is very stable and natural for me. 2nd laptop PC is archlinux, that is for my fun.


Asking me what my favorite distro is like asking me what my favorite flavor of ice cream is. There's several, lol! But I'm a lot like T.Kawabata, in each distro has it's advantages.

But, if I had to choose only one and why, right now it would have to be Linux Mint. Yes, I know it's Ubuntu based, and it can not be upgraded (that I know of) with out a clean install. But they "cleaned the fat off", runs smoother, seems to be more stable, and with the Cinnamon Desktop, you just can't go wrong. It has a nice clean modern desktop.


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T.Kawabata said:
I am using 3 linux distribution. CentOS for my server, 1st client PC is Debian based. I think this combination (server - centos ,client desktop - debian ) is the best. For client , debian is very stable and natural for me. 2nd laptop PC is archlinux, that is for my fun.

Debian - even for a server, followed by CentOS.


Debian stable php version is 5.6 - which has a lot of object oriented features not available in 5.4, which is what CentOS is on.

MySql 5.5 vs ... they only have Maria in CentOS?

MariaDB - binary compatible with MySql, but the version numbers are different ...

Debian: Maria 10 vs CentOS Maria 5.5

Not 100% sure what the differences are, but Debian also has Workbench which CentOS lacks ...

Basically CentOS has stale packages in an effort to be "enterprise stable" - but Debian is also very stable, just the packages aren't so stale.

Of course in THEORY, Gentoo is the end all of all end all distributions ... it's just such a pain in the neck to get running.

Torian said:
I love Gentoo. Most of all, cause it have such a great package system like portage.

Right on! And if I remember correctly, the packages are all source, so when it's compiled on your system, it's as optimized as it gets.

Any tips on getting that monstrosity installed relatively painlessly though?


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For me Debian and CentOS since i'm into server services and not for Desktop purposes. CentOS is more friendly than Debian though and CentOS can be use as Desktop as well just change some of the repo and your good to go.


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I like Ubuntu: it's simple and you can find speedly help in forums.

Debian is more stable, and for VPS I would use this.


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Linux mint rebecca 17.2 - because while it's sexy visually its still fast & responsive & has great GPU driver supports.



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I prefer Linux Mint because of the compatibility with ubuntu DEB packages, Clean and easy Desktop Environment, Less resource hungry.:yahoo:
AT this time its Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit, because its the only distribution i am was able to install the graphics drivers to get working by myself. The terminal use is no problem, love this APT-GET command...


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I had LinuxMint with XFCE but after I bought some RAM and SSD drive I built Debian with KDE wich is very pretty and powerful at the same time. While technically not a Linux (but still Unix) I also admire BSD for its security features.


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Some years ago I used Fedora, there were some problems with the codecs, Adobe Flash (it is not HTML5 time), wireless and video driver, etc. Then I moved on opensuse and I like it. Distrowatch show linux Mint has the highest popularity, but i don't like it, as another Canonical distros.