What is your favourite energy drink?

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Monster cause a lot of tastes. One time we did a great tower with a 200 Cans of Monster. I was about 17. If you want i can find my photo of this tower


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MotherOfDragons said:
Does tea with lots of sugar count as an energy drink?
I think so. Anything with sugar in it provides energy. Also good for when one is thirsty.


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Red Bull, only for the purpose that it actually has an effect on me compared to everything else I've tried (including coffee). Though I don't feel the effects until maybe 3 hours after drinking. And honestly, it really makes me feel horrible afterwards. So I try to avoid drinking any sort of energy drink if possible.


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Yevhenii said:
I do it for myself. Mix with bananas, honey, milk, and protein. Great taste, simple, and energy for all day.
I can not drink myself so it's juice or oolong tea


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I can't say I like any type of energy drinks. I don't drink those. I don't even drink Cola or Soda drinks unless there's nothing else. I prefer fruit juice and milk shakes.


Energy drink should be very very sweet because otherwise it is not energy drink.
i like redbull


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I would 100% have to say Coke, although I would never drink it with alcohol. I drink way too much Coke (more specifically cans) it's almost like an addiction but it's literally so good.


All energy drinks are tasty and good but they are not healthy, I rarely drink red bull, but i don't prefer it, i prefer macchiato, milk shakes and nescafe
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