What is your favourite pub food?


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OK. You're in the pub, having your beverage of choice with great company, and then get really hungry. What is your favourite pub food?

I rather like a square meal. Along the lines of chicken curry, or thai curry. The spicier the better. How about you?


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Best Burger Rules!!!!!

Hells Bells

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Apart from beer as my main liquid food, I'd say a burger and chips go nicely when I'm severely hungry. :drinks:


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This has got me hungry now. Think a nice hamburger and chips would go down nicely right now, with a cold beer or two.


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Sweet potato fries, potato wedges, cheese sticks (deep fried and breaded mozarella), deep fried pickles, nachos

That's making me hungry
Venue: Pub Garden
Meal: Pig Roast, Rustic loaf bread, real butter and many pints of Guinness
Result: very happy camper :drinks:


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Guinness eww :p Maybe im not such a fan of dark beer.

I would go for fast food such as burger and chips and ofc a beer :).