What is your favourite Web editing software?


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I develop php website server side and html js client side,
Personally I use sublime text editor parsque we have several shortcuts with the keyboard and multi focus. it's a light and fast editor


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Notepad++ is my favorite free editor. It is a more robust version of the Notepad software that you would find available in Windows by default. That being the case, this is a Windows-only option. It includes things like line number, color coding, hints, and other helpful tools that the standard Notepad application does not have. These additions make Notepad++ an ideal choice for web designers and front end developers.


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mustRequires you to set up a MySQL database (even when you don't want to make a blog...)

And alongside that, they always have a footprint somewhere in the source of the website (some people might not care, but I'm pretty picky about that).

In the end, I just pick up a template and edit it to my will on Notepad++. I'm not going to lie, I really don't enjoy HTML/CSS or making websites in general. But there are times when I just have to do it...


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If I need to start from scratch for WordPress, I use Artisteer to design the template and then Dreamweaver, Visual Studio and Notepad++ to fine tune.


That's a subject that every developer in every discipline has had to deal with.

I've used everything from VI (vim), Notepad, Frontpage, HTML-Kit (a long time favorite on windows), Dreamweaver, HotDog (loved it), Brackects, Nano, Bluefish and more...

But for the last few years, I've been using SUBLIME. It has absolutly everything I need and is extremely versatile, powerful.

Hope this helps folks!


Best is Sublime Text. You can edit almost any language using it. Best features of it is Multi Cursor & Advanced Code Snippet.


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I using Adobe xd and Platforma web wireframe easy and fast to create something in your mind :D and Adobe photoshop its always help to me.


Sublime Text !! Photoshop / Adobe Xd !!!
does this forum exist in Spanish?


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Sublime Text !! Photoshop / Adobe Xd !!!
does this forum exist in Spanish?

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I am going to add Brackets in to the mix, Download here. I like how it is code aware and has live preview. (live preview is a bit hit and miss with Firefox). It has some good plugin as well like code templates. What I don't like about it is if you point to a large folder it takes a while to build its index. So I usually move to a smaller works space.


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Hi there! This is my first post, and I start with saying that Wordpress is dominating the webdesign area in almost all parts of the business. It is not about CMS, not even blogging anymore. I read the old postings here, and I say today website-creating-people speaking about Elementor, Siteorigin Pagebuilder, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg Editor today. As it seems, Elementor will dominate this area for a while. If you did not tried it yet, go and check what they do all for you for free. It's amazing! Of course I use Notepad++ anytime I need to edit some php-files or so. But the webdesign development today goes that direction anyway. Happy web-designing!


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A slightly older post, but I would still like to comment on it... It really depends on the project. If it is an extremely large project, then I use NetBeans IDE. However, for smaller projects, I use either Visual Studio Code or Atom. Both are excellent text editors and have many features that make them perfect for developing small to medium sized websites. For example, both have available extensions to run live servers as well as built in SASS compilers. So, what this means is that I can save my code and my browser auto-refreshes showing the updates. (I use dual monitors so I write code on one monitor and have a browser open on the other). It also means that as I am writing SASS, when I save, my SASS is automatically compiled to CSS. There are many other plugins that I use regularly with both such as auto closing tags and brackets, etc. But those first two are what I like the best. They save me a lot of time in not having to keep compiling my SASS and also in not having to stop and refresh the browser.