What is your favourite Web editing software?


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I used to use Notepad++ but hated the lack of features of languages like Lua so I moved over to Atom and have stayed there ever since. It outperforms Notepad++ in terms of language supports and there is a strong sense of community support through github as they release different extensions for Atom itself.


Actually I started with dreamweaver back in the days, however, now I use Visual Studio Code, it is free and there are lots of plugins for every purpose.
I would like to invite both designers and developers to give it a try.


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Dreamweaver was my favourite program to edit untilll I discover Word press. Nowadays, I just do the editing straight on the dashboard site. During the Dreamweaver times, people are using WYSIWYG programs like Netobjects. It has very low learning curve and you could work on your website like a word document. Very intuitive to use. If you find Wordpress and Dreamweaver daunting, maybe you could try this program.



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Notepad++ is a decent text editor, however, when working on webpages in live environments, I found using Sublime Text very suitable.
I struggled having Notepad++ to reliably debug PHP, so I ultimately moved to NetBeans which I would highly recommend.


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I've recently (re)started web app dev after years of Scrum Master work so I speak from a semi technical knowledge base but still junior in terms of Dev/programming.
My recent Dev learning experience is with TypeScript, setting up from scratch a React App, API with cloud based MySQL DB in the backend.

I've tried Notepad++ initially, but it didn't guide me like Visual Studio did. I found Visual Studio better with IntelliCode/IntelliSense, even though it too gave sometimes perplexing errors... but I went back to basics and learnt from the ground up building on my JS knowledge. There is one thing about Visual Studio that annoyed me; it's a big App (storage and memory) and as I was using older PCs, it got slow to compile over and over.

I have switched over to Visual Studio Code and it's brilliant. I run a localhost server, it has a launch.json config for the debugger and that will auto compile on every save allowing me to instantly see the effect of changes.

I have also used Visual Studio and Code to setup a local API server to replicate API calls from my web App. That works well for both mocking and actual backend service calls (provider).


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Just got in to coding and got Notepad++ after reading on here and doing some research. I am new to coding so can not really give any input but looking forward to using it!


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I am a big fan of BB Edit on Mac, I tried using Dreamweaver and though I enjoy that it has a sass compiler baked it, I really can't stand how clunky it is. BB Edit is solid because I can write in ruby, javascript, html or php and it will pick up on the syntax automatically like Notepad++ can. I also use Safari, Chrome and Firefox to test out my web designs so I know things are keen on any brewers.


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Atom because a lot of plugins, Notepad++ because is pretty simple and easy to install.

And Vim of course, because its easy to use on any server when you want to do it ))


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I usually prefer creating websites using WordPress. I have purchased a lifetime subscription to the Divi theme and I have built more than 15 websites using Divi. At times I also use HTML templates for one-page websites.

WordPress has its own challenges but it is fairly easy to learn and manage. All you need is a penchant for learning all the subtle details of it. I have 3 years of experience as a WordPress developer now and I can create any kind of website and also manage it. I can also resolve a plethora of errors that crop up with WordPress websites.

I am also learning Javascript and for development purposes, I use Visual Code Editor as my preferred choice. It is the best code editor available as per my personal opinion.