What is your preference for using the Internet - desktop, laptop, ipad or phone?


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What is your preferred hardware for using the Internet? Desktop, laptop, ipad or phone?

I prefer a desktop myself, both at home and at work, as one can settle in behind it, turn on the music or put headphones on, kick back and relax. I also like using a keyboard and have a large monitor in front of me.

For traveling I use a light weight laptop, Toshiba's Ultrabook. Last year when I purchased the laptop I was hoping I was going to use it more often, but find myself only using it when I'm traveling.

Although I've tried out an ipad, I haven't purchased one so far. May do so when they become a little cheaper, but am afraid that like my laptop, once purchased it will just gather dust somewhere. If I do get a little bit more with it with my hardware, I'd like to do something about buying a good smart phone. Maybe towards the end of the year, and after a new desktop at home.


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I like my desktop at home, but also use my laptop quite often. Particularly since it's more up to date in technology in comparison with my desktop. At work we've got laptops as I'm out in the field most of the time.


I've got a Dell desktop at home, still using Windows XP, but I'm very comfortable with it. Not really into laptops that much. Have a really good desktop at work. I've got a BlackBerry phone that I'm very happy with, but am using it mostly for contacts and checking my e-mails. Doubt I'd use it for Forums. iPad looks interesting, may get one one day.

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I travel a lot for work and is mostly on the road. So like to use my phone for everything. I have an iphone 4 and it suits me well. When I'm home I like to use my desktop.


I've got a laptop that goes with me almost every where. Macbook Pro. I also have an iphone, but don't use it for the Internet.


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I am using my blackberry and Ipad for office email and messenger.
Desktop pc / laptop used to develop my website and another stuff


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don't have a desktop. laptop i use for everything really. uni work, browsing, email, social media websites, not really gaming even though it is a gaming laptop. ipad i prefer for reading articles, books and sometimes uni work. mobile phone mostly for calling, txting but not heavily into the apps.


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For Buying hosting & domains I use desktop and laptop. For check my emails, facebook chatting I use mobile, and for Gaming I use My Smartphone...