What is your preference for using the Internet - desktop, laptop, ipad or phone?


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I will say computer because this is what I use in generally.. sometime I use my phone when I'm not home or I'm too lazy to leave the bed and open the computer.


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Desktop #1. Even tho I like to 'mobility' when using Laptop I don't like to play games on it so, overall I prefer to use Desktop but when I'm just watching movies/tv shows Laptop can be better since I can watch it anywhere
I like to use the internet on my laptop and iphone most just because it is so portable and I can have it with me but I also use it on my desktop a lot too for work and things like that so it is very mixed for be but what I like the most is my phone


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I prefer and mostly use desktop, it's just much easier to navigate stuff, but I do use my phone when I'm in bed, for example.


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Hello everyone,

I use actually all of them. PC, tablet, laptop. At home, I am working with the desktop and with the laptops. It depends WHERE I am working. ;-) Sitting on my desk, certainly, it is the desktop with the bigger monitor. Working outside enjoying the nice breeze and the weather, it is my laptop. Doing some reading and research, I use a tablet as well.
However, everything is virtualized which gives me the flexibility to shift things around. That means, I use VMs in the cloud. So, more features and more power even when I am traveling. All the files and tools are right there and I know, I have fast internet even when the place (coffee shop, hotel, airport) has low internet speed. Another benefit is the situation with passwords. Public places are not really safe.

How about you?



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Hello. I had many problems with my desktop computer with bluefish and many reinstallation ..
6year still used a laptop:) favorite: toshiba, MSI, and Asus


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I usually find my laptop being the most used. I find it the easiest as I can move it around if I have to an so on, while still giving me the larger screen.


Laptop. :drinks:
In my opinion, it is still today the best device to 'work and play' at the fullest. It has the portability that the desktop doesn't have and the screen size and resolution that no tablet or phone can reach. So the perfect combination for using internet or other software for light or hard use every day.
Phone. but this is now, it hasn't always been like this. I had been a bigger fan of pc screen before.

A few changes allow me to do online stuff comfortably and effectively on the phone, such as, bigger phone screen but still easy to carry around, faster phone, browser reading mode, major improvements on multitasking (windows has been very good at this from day one, so good people don't even think about multitasking until they try to do the same things on a phone lol), greater internet access for mobile device, just to name a few.

Needless to say, a smart phone is still not a pc, but I can do a lot more on the phone these days without the need to have a pc laptop/tablet around me all the time.