What is your preference for using the Internet - desktop, laptop, ipad or phone?


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It really depends on the situation. At my office work, I would definitely prefer to use my desktop PC. However I do enjoy using my laptop or Ipad in a cofee shop. And finally while laying on bed, I usually use my Iphone!


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My personal preference is the platform that has most convenience - mostly either laptop or phone. The more powerful computers I have access to I rarely use for internet access, mostly for dedicated computational tasks.


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used to use a lot of mobile but one day I saw that it was a waste of time using internet on a minuscula screen, migrated to a normal pc, but did not have mobility and nowadays so use notebook


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Desktop 100% (or laptop)

So many actions are harder to access without a keyboard. And when using a web browser with current internet speeds, the slowest thing is you.
Some webpages have become mobile-friendly enough that there is not a noticeable difference, which is very nice for when you are out and about looking up information or whatever.

I've always used desktops/laptop (or anything else with a keyboard) over all other options.


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I always prefer laptop.......ipads or tablets cant replace Laptops and desktop computers. I think its east to read and understand on laptop rather than reader on small screens. Phone and ipads give strain to eyes.


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Genesis said:
What is your preferred hardware for using the Internet? Desktop, laptop, ipad or phone?

I prefer a desktop myself, both at home and at work, as one can settle in behind it, turn on the music or put headphones on, kick back and relax. I also like using a keyboard and have a large monitor in front of me.

For traveling I use a light weight laptop, Toshiba's Ultrabook. Last year when I purchased the laptop I was hoping I was going to use it more often, but find myself only using it when I'm traveling.

Although I've tried out an ipad, I haven't purchased one so far. May do so when they become a little cheaper, but am afraid that like my laptop, once purchased it will just gather dust somewhere. If I do get a little bit more with it with my hardware, I'd like to do something about buying a good smart phone. Maybe towards the end of the year, and after a new desktop at home.

Firefox on Linux Laptop.Virtual machines for social media or sites with heavy analytics scripting or possible exploit kits. If I feel my VM is compromised I just delete it and boot into a new one. Smart phones for the occasional Google search. Prefer full size screen because i do heavy reading and coding. I'm one of those people who still just use phones for coding. I had a really nice tablet for a while but I managed to fall asleep watching movies in bed. Rolled over and crushed it with my elbow while sleeping.