What is your preferred language and why


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Alright so for web development you can make sites all sorts of ways, I personally have HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, sql.

Why I choose those?

I started out learning HTML when I was 11 years old, I tried to make a page filled with headings h1-h6 and tried to play with it, after I got the hang of HTML I decided to go with CSS and make things look nicer, sure I never liked CSS as much as I did the rest but hey!

Javascript was the best out of those two though, it allowed me to make a lot of cool little games.

Now when we talk about PHP once I learned it I used mysql but then a friend of mine convinced me to use PDO and now I've been using it ever since.

Moral of the story is I started as a kid and It just stuck with me!


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I know PHP, HTML and SQL a little, I love to play with PHP, it make me happy if I success creating PHP script that I want. Unlike you, I began with HTML after I graduated from High school. And then I learned PHP and MySql after I work. It is not my expertise, but I love to play with it.


rbxomar said:
Alright so for web development you can make sites all sorts of ways, I personally have HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, sql.

Why I choose those?

I would say that you choose them because you can't claim that you're a Web developer (or aiming at becoming one [1]) without knowing/mastering them ALL plus a bunch of other stuff (e.g. SVG for client-side vector graphics, as opposed to Canvas-which is the available bitmap one inside today's browsers.)

Plus If you're a master in JavaScript you can do without PHP by using Node.js server-side as both your server and scripting engine (thanks to Google's V8 JS VM) at the same time.

Now to answer your question, I would say that mine is without a doubt JavaScript. PHP is fine but not as elegant as JS.

[1]- Nowadays it is imperative to be a full-stack web developer to really grasp the mini-revolution that's going on within the Web.
[2]- Among the the Web technologies you mentioned, only PHP and JavaScript are scripting/programming languages, not even SQL. HTML is a markup language.


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I started my journey in web development using java and J2EE using frameworks like JSF that abstracts us from the Js, Html part of the app. It generate it from the component oriented design of the pages that we make. But in these days i would use JS, HTML5, CSS3 taking advantage of AngularJS to help me with the DOM manipulation. In the server side i can still use Java and i'd like to give it a try to RoR.


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I know HTML, CSS, Java and Jquery php

I wouldn't say I prefer one language over another. Each has a pro and con.

Like Jquery is nice for animtion and interativity, but for more advanced database manipulation I would use PHP.


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For me I started off with CSS and HTML a long time ago. I didn't fully dab into Javascript until my freshman year at high school. I work mostly on designing forum based roleplay games (and some website designing) so CSS, HTML, and Java have become my best friends.


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Really depends on what you do. In heavy loaded project for machine learning I usually use C++ or C because they are close to assembly so I assume they are faster than python. If I were to make a forum that has to be in PHP because it is easy to modify and easy to maintain. Laravel framework also provides you pretty much all you need.


I use all of the ones mentioned in the OP and I don't think you can compare them against each other because they are used for different things. You can on the other hand compare against other languages that are used for the same purpose, e.g. VBScript vs. JavaScript, PHP vs. ASP, HTML vs. XHTML, ...



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I learn some Langues and Script-Langues.
- C#, C, C++

My Favorits are PHP and SQF because there are many projects from me where i used this langues and it's make me the moste fun. ;)


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I know many languages like CSS, JS, HTML, PHP, vb.net... But my favorite is PHP because is my best-known and I think it is very useful and convenient from web developing.
However, you can't develope a website using only one language, usually you must use PHP, HTML, CSS and sometimes JS together to develope a complete and pretty website.


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I am learning nodeJS now. Reason why interest with nodeJS, cause it's asynchronous and non blocking.
Despite that JavaScript is the most popular languange righ now based on stack overflow survey.


i prefer php and I started my journey in web development using php