What is your preferred language and why


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For normal web developement, I prefer to use the good old php + html + js combo. However if I need to make an app with web interface, nodejs is my way to go.


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My preferred language is Perl. YOu can programm in linear fashion but also you can do very powerful Object Oriented Programming. What I like also ais that you may find a very big set of extra modules within cpan Comprehensive Archive Network.


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i learn a bit about html, css and javascript by myself, later in university i was taught php and mysql, php and mysql especially php really blew my mind, it was the missing puzzle of my life about how modern websites work ...


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I love PHP. PHP is the most famous technology for designing dynamic sites
The web and the Internet have become an integral part of the world of technology and it's interesting to note that the PHP programming language plays a key role in this area because large sites such as Wikipedia, the Facebook social network, content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., Examples of which the PHP language has played in their formation. In addition, PHP has many frameworks to coding large scale web applications.


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on the web, i enjoy using angular framework, which it is using javascript.
on mobile, i enjoy using flutter framework, which it is using dart.
i would prefer to use javascript for mobile too, but flutter is much better than ionic.


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my first language is C, i prefer use C++ because it much fast than other languages. I also use Java, Python. for database SQL is popular one


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Online I prefer PHP.
Offline I prefer Python. I mean, an app running on my PC even connecting to a web server.

PHP is a de facto standard on every web server. If you don't develop huge sites (like Google) you can stick to PHP.
Python has a huge modules that extend the language to everything you need. It still lacks a good module for graphic apps.


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If we are talking web, I like PHP. It is powerful, created with web in mind, and you can "hide" your source code by "default" from the end user. As opposed to JS, CSS, HTML which require further attention to do so.
I have never been a fan of frameworks. They are perfect for general cases as they are general-purpose libraries which end up bad/cluttered for specific purposes. Most of my recent projects get surpassed in orders of magnitude in size by adding frameworks/libraries, which are fine to get the job done "quickly" but then I tend to strip the functions/classes/methods/objects I need and end up with a more streamlined version.
It should come as no surprise when I say I prefer programming in as low level I can get such as assembly (or C). However, as most devices these days are web enabled, I stick to PHP as my "final" answer.


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For me its based on my SM role experience and types of roles available for the Devs Ive worked with. I'm learning TypeScript for React Apps as it's compatible with Office365 sites like SharePoint and Teams.


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Mine is the HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL bundle. I love being able to create a system or applet and see how things are going to look and build backwards to the function. I created an entire ergonomics platform with bootstrap and a bunch of custom css so style things out how I needed them to be, then started adding in PHP and SQL to add in the functionality and ecosystem I was looking to build.


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Yes, I started programming with html like you. In general, this is the simplest and easiest programming language I have ever learned.
Then I learned css and then javascript.
But after learning these three languages, I learned Java, C ++, asp and sql, and after that I learned php.

Now I suggest to others to first learn the three languages html, css and javascript and then look for other languages.


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I've started with Basic! (Q-Basic)... Long time ago...

Now im happy to use Javascript. With NodeJS i can even use it on client and server side!
Easy coding, easy debugging, many features.
For webdev it is my favorit.

For desktop dev im using .Net because we only use windows pc's... :)


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PHP in backend. I used vue in my last project but i think I will go back to jQuery and try to keep it simple.

MS-SQL saved my life ! (JSON PATH!) :)