What OS system/s are you using?


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On a desktop computer I switched to Ubuntu with a long 16.04 support
It is quite an uneasy one.

In the case of a laptop, I plan to change to Ubuntu as well. Obviously, Windows 10 is still getting massive disk space due to its eternal update.

The computer constantly enforces updating and not as in the case of Linux I install when I want.


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I am a Linux user as well
my favorite distros are Debian, Ubuntu or for smaller purposes SliTaz or Puppy linux
I use the GNOME desktop environment and for smaller purposes Xfce4 or LXDE


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Im using windows 10,i had windows 7 for years,and in my opinion after windows xp windows 7 is only good OS,win 8 disaster ,win 10 meh,not so much but yea...
Windows use to be waaay better,nowdays they are kinda behind,thats just my opinion


i am currently using fedora OS by RED HAT..because after learning some linux scripting and programming, i want to create projects on scientific library dependent on python, so i choose fedora because it comes with anaconda kernel.


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Archlinux mainly, but other Linux flavours as well depending on needs, well even Windows 7 emulated and without network of course, for the sporadic crap I need that runs only on that crappy os (which is surely less crappy than that spy they call Windows 10 but still...)


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I mainly use Windows 10 Pro for my everyday activities. But I like to toy with different OS's, so I got a few installed over 3 machines. On my main PC, I got Windows 10 Pro. But also OS X Yosemite, and macOS High Sierra. All for when I want or need to do or test something on a Mac. Yes, it's a hackintosh. I also got a laptop with Windows 10 Pro and Arch Linux, both on encrypted drives ;)

And then I also got Arch Linux on a raspberry pi and Linux Mint with MATE DE installed on a flash drive (full install, not live), that has all my favorite applications and stuff. I can boot it from any 64-bit machine, including any Mac computer. Pretty convenient for when you need to use someones computer, but don't trust their OS.


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I am currently running Linux Mint with Cinnamon window manager. I find it very convenient and simple to use. I installed the Anaconda Python 3.6 distribution with Spyder for an IDE. Very flexible for experimenting with new programming ideas.


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antiX (I think it's Debian based) for my commuting laptop (lubuntu heats it up) and a dual boot of Windows10/ManjaroOS on my workstation at home.

I've done some distro hopping, linux mint, ubuntu, and whatnot but I'm liking Manjaro XFCE so far (it's arch based).


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I use Windows 10 at home and... it sucks honestly.

I've gotten fed up with the issues I've ran into especially while developing. I'm going to be buying a new macbook pro here in the next few weeks. I've always liked macOS since like middle school, but I could never afford it. It's going to be an investment in my career.


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Android is getting heavier and heavier in every version. The Google services in the mobile are huge...hundreds of MBs. Sometimes slow down a lot the mobile funcionts that it is impossible to use. Of course, that is the price of the loss of anonimity. But it is the only option. Apple iOS is a nonsense and endless extracting money from user.