What OS system/s are you using?


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Ubuntu 18.04 in Office desktop and having a work Mac book air running Catalina. And at home using windows 10 and Mac OS Catalina(Hackintosh)


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all of them....

i run win10, manjaro, pop_os!, ubuntu server on several boxes (i'm just used to it... i'd prefer centos or debian, but a little too lazy) ran osx86 on my thinkpad to hold me over between macbooks, also have an old mini i use, so also macos

my job only allows VPN connection from windows/macos, so i'm kinda stuck with those until they allow VPNs from linux, and using windows is difficult for my job (but WSL2 might change things on that front, been playing with it a lot recently)


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[font=Calibri,sans-serif]My general thoughts are that[/font]
[font=Calibri,sans-serif]- people who can afford it and appreciate nicer user interface are MacOS users[/font]
[font=Calibri,sans-serif]- people who haven't come from a technology background will tend to be Windows users[/font]
[font=Calibri,sans-serif]- people who have a technology background or want a technology future will dabble / gravitate to Linux (or if they can afford it MacOS )[/font]


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I am currently using a Late-2019 MacBook Pro and a Hackintosh I built using a MacPro G5. With my MBP being my daily driver it is running Catalina 10.15.6, while my Hackintosh is running Big Sur Beta 6. I love the platform an how it integrates into my HomeKit setup.


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Genesis said:
I'm still on Windows XP at home, and Windows 7 at work. What OS systems are you working with currently?

Windows 10 (I have no idea what update, as Microsoft has made the real version number elusive to the normal person, and I am not very inclined to find out the version # after every update). Microsoft has basically stopped supporting all of the older versions of their desktop OSs, which makes sense, to support only one codebase. Windows has everything that I need, except maybe iOS development, but I haven't need to do that for some time. It's really interesting that they are adding Linux features to Windows!



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chiyancheung said:
It's really interesting that they are adding Linux features to Windows!

I find that interesting too. Particularly since Windows was built from Linux which their developers got for free.

OK, I have something about Microsoft, but you're right Windows has been part of almost all of my computer life, and it has been both frustrating, but mostly great fun and served me well. I only have one challenge right now as I'm still on Windows 7. My mental lapse came when Microsoft tried to force me a few years back through its automatic updates to convert to Windows 10 when I was not ready for it. There's a huge leap from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in terms of drivers for hard ware and software that no longer works on Windows 10. Any way, long story short I was so upset with Microsoft (I at least caught this before I got to convert) and very suspicious and from that moment I changed from automatic updates to "let me choose" to manual. I then also Googled most of the updates, particularly the ones that they used to get you to change to Windows 10, as I found Microsoft never gave up. As soon as you have disabled an update that would force you to change to Windows 10, they would create a new one later on.

So yes, I got psychologically challenged in that I got deeply suspicious of Microsoft and Windows 10. It became a war of sorts. And now I find things are probably going the other way round, as new software is being developed for use only with actively supported Windows. For example Microsoft Office 2019 only works with Windows 10. Not that I subscribe to up to date Microsoft Office, but I can see in a year or so if you're on Windows 7, you may receive documents you may not be able to open any longer.

In the meanwhile I also found millions of Windows 10 users who loved the simplicity of Windows 7 (like I do), who have created ways to change the look of Windows 10 to look like Windows 7 - particularly the Windows Explorer. I like the old Windows 7 static games, and I find that there are developers who found a way one can load it to your computer for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. So looks like other Windows 10 "haters" like me have found ways to work around that what they hated. For example there are tons of info available in Google for completely disabling or pausing updates. Hard work to have Windows 10 and one has to be even more on your guard for Microsoft's tactics to get you to subscribe to their services and give them your billing info, but millions out there have worked their way around it.


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Wow, this topic is old.
I use Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Windows has everything I need, but I Worked with Linux Mint and Ubuntu too.


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Windows 10 still. Haven't gotten the nerve yet to upgrade to Windows 11. Seems like it doesn't offer anything I hugely need. And the fact that it loses the 'never combine' option in the taskbar, while being a simple feature, really swung me away from it.