What Sports/Famous person would you like to meet?


Hmm, if I met Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling or Jeffrey Zeldman I'd probably be speechless, so maybe it's good that I haven't. Being starstruck might mean making stupid mistakes I might regret for the rest of my life, so perhaps it's better if I admire them from afar.


I'm afraid I would just waste their time. I can admire them for what they're doing but that doesn't mean I necessarily want to talk to them, have their autograph or things like that. I would never dream of approaching a famous person that I meet on the street because if everyone would do that it could easily be a privacy issue.

I guess it would have been a little cool to meet Magnus Carlsen and play a game of chess. It shouldn't waste too much time because he would probably win in less then 10 moves. :D


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Interesting topic. I have a couple of famous persons, but if I think about one it would be a Jack London. I fell in love with his "Sea wolf" and think that he was a giant of his time in literature.


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I want to meet scarlett johansson, she is really great actress, i like almost all her films, and she is quite pretty, everyone wants to meet her and do smth bad :DDD


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I like to go surfing, so I definitely would like to meet and surf with Alana Blanchard. :yahoo:

She has her own TV Show, she's fun to watch but I bet even better in person.


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Odell Beckham Jr, he's cool, humble, entertaining.

He is good at soccer, Football, Basketball, Fast so he can do track. He can Hop he's a heck of an athlete. He was supposed to be in FIFA but didn't want to leave his family and is making a name for himself. His dance moves are cool and make him unique. no one else acts like him because he's himself and doing him. He just loves the game yet people call it a 'distraction' when it's a natural instinct to get disappointed and upset in a loss. He loves the game and i have alot of respect for him. Also he's on my favorite football team so how can i not like him? He also likes my idols so it's just great. He has Weezy tattooed on him it's just great id love to meet this man, also hangs out with drake.


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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the cocky, religious football player. I wonder why he's cocky. I watched when he was interviewing a guy that was looking to work for vitamin well.