Whats the best make of laptop?


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I'm looking to buy a new laptop I've had a few in the past sony vaio was my favorite very reliable, I'll mostly be using it to produce music on & run DJ software - it also needs to run dual screens.


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Well before considering the brand. I would suggest first to check the specifications of the laptop, like the processor, RAM, video card, and since you will be using it for music the sound quality. Aside from that since you need to use external monitor it should have external hdmi or vga output. After sorting this out you can now try to search for the brand with thia criteria.

Some brand i can think of to name a few:

1. Alienware
2. Sony
3. HP
4. Apple
5. Acer
6. MSI
7. Asus
8. Samsung


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@"aya" it depends on your budget to be honest.

Depending on how much money you can spend on it.


for me , i recommended dell laptop.. i have an 8 years xps laptop...never had hardware problem... please have a look on dell 7559 , new 15 series with monsters spec...


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The brand is just that. Everything is made in "China" sort of to say. Unless they manufacture their own chips, cards, boards, etc. Instead of looking at brands or make, look at the guts of the machine that is what matters. If you want to do what you mention, get something with higher memory and a good processor. i5 - i7 from intel would be good to start.


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Depends what you want to do.

If you want performance and have no budget contraints, go for an Apple; the display port can extend to another display.
Windows is great too for extending and using multiple screens. My order of preference would be Asus->HP->Lenovo->Dell


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While I do not have a best make to recommend, I do have the worst make to recommend for most users. It's called a Mac.

Reason: Unless you really need the features that a Mac can do, you're always better off going with another make of laptop as Macs are highly expensive and low-specced compared to any similar priced models during the same year it's released.


shubhangtiwari said:
i would suggest you to consider Asus laptops. they are very good.

Why do you think Asus laptops are very good? What makes them stand out from other brands' laptops?

Low Quality Posts like this won't count towards earning hosting or a VPS, just so you know.


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turkoglu1998 said:
I think; (cheap and quality)
1. Acer
2. Lenovo
3. Toshiba
4. MSI
5. Samsung
6. Asus

Apple is very expensive but good quality.
Why do you think they are the best? Why would you put Acer first? I really don't see any quality in your post other than a random list of laptops that you took from the top of your mind. Why not take just one of them you think is really good and give us your reasons why you think it is the best one.


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If somebody ask the advice about purchaising a laptop I'm allways advice DELL.
Have one at home and several at work, also have DELL workstations.
Best for me )