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I'm sure I'm missing something here, but when I click the "Image Hosting" link at the top of this page, I can upload images, and at that time it gives me some links to those images. However, I don't see how to find out what images I've uploaded after that. In other words, are those images associated with my account specifically, and if so, how to I manage them?


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Not sure whether you've seen the Image Hosting Terms of Use in the Knowledge Base, but am copying it here for you to check through. Looks as though there may be the capability for registering for individual accounts, but maybe DJB-Chris set it up as one shared Image Hosting Gigarank account. Would indeed be neat if we could register individual Image Hosting Accounts, not sure how it would work however. Chris may be able to let us know what the options are.

Image Hosting Terms of Use said:
Image Hosting Terms of Use

Do not upload anything that can be even remotely construed as illegal, pornographic, copyrighted, harassment, or spam. If you do, we will ban you, your IP and delete all your images, and report you to the proper authorities (if necessary).

1. Upload
Uploading is free. Registration with a valid e-mail is only required.
You can upload jpg, png, bmp and gif images that are less than 2 megabyte
We recommended to keep a copy of these files on your computer or on a storage hardware.

2. Terms of Service
Gigarank reserves the right to remove any uploaded file without notice, and assumes no liability for lost registration links or misplaced file URLs.
User images can only be viewed by another person by using image links.

The following types of files constitute "abuse" may not be uploaded under any circumstances :

Pornographic images. This includes, but is not limited to, files depicting genitalia, nudity, or sexual situations.
Files that infringe on the copyrights of any entity excluding the user.
Files intending to harass or spam, or promote anything for commercial profit.
Non-image files.

Uploading abusive files may result in the immediate termination of the user ability to use Servimg.
To report any type of abuse, click on the button located on the image preview page or use the form below.

The Gigarank website may not load, all Gigarank hosted images may not load, and all files and accounts related to the abusive files will be subject to deletion. Circumventing Gigarank's ability to enforce the Gigarank`s Terms of Use can result in prosecution.

3. Privacy
All information provided by the user is strictly confidential.
Gigarank reserves the right to release user information if user has violated the Gigarank Terms of Service, if the user has committed unlawful acts or if Gigarank deems it necessary or appropriate.

4. Legal Policy 5. Limitation of Liability
User agrees that the use of Gigarank services is entirely at user own risk.
Gigarank services are provided on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, constructive, or statutory, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose.

Gigarank makes no guarantee of availability of our image hosting service and reserves the right to change, withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any functionality or feature of Gigarank's image hosting services.
In no event shall Gigarank be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of the use of or inability to use Gigarank's services or any content thereon. This disclaimer applies, without limitation, to any damages or injury, whether for breach of contract, tort, or otherwise, caused by any failure of performance; error; omission; interruption; deletion; defect; delay in operation or transmission; computer virus; file corruption; communication-line failure; network or system outage; or theft, destruction, unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of any record.

6. Indemnity
User agrees to indemnify and hold Gigarank harmless from any loss, liability, claims, damages and expenses, including attorneys fees, arising from or related to the content, use, or deletion of user files or use of any other feature or service. This expressly includes :
User responsibility for any and all liability arising from the violation or infringement of proprietary rights or copyrights. Any defamatory or unlawful material contained within user Files.

7. Maintenance
Gigarank may perform maintenance services as Gigarank determines reasonably necessary. User acknowledges that such maintenance may require downtime. Gigarank will attempt to provide prior notice of the maintenance downtime, except in the case that circumstances beyond Gigarank's control limit the ability to do so.

8. Refusal of Service
Gigarank may discontinue the image hosting service at any time should we feel it nessacary todo so.
Source: http://client.gigarocket.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=22