Where's the "suggestion box?"


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Hello all!

I'm very new to this, but in reading through the information on the site -- specifically some of the terms of service articles -- I found quite a few spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors. Is there a suggestion box somewhere where one might make a suggested revision to the content?

I'm sorry if I am stepping on any toes by asking this, but I am a writer, and this type of thing really bugs me. It's a problem... I'm working through my issues. In the meantime, if there is a suggestion box, could some kind soul please point me in the proper direction?

Thanks bunches!


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Why not start a new thread in the Website support forum and list all of the spelling, typographical and grammatical errors you've found. That would be very helpful indeed, thanks for pointing that out to us.


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And this is a suggestion by itself for the future that we can have something like this on the forum. Like a little button on the side of the screen.
Thanks for pointing these errors to us.


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Please point us in the direction of the grammatical errors you've discovered so that we can correct them. Thanks :)

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This is just from the Home page...

Grammatical errors:

Packed full of great features including softaculous script installer, php & MYsql databases.
This is a sentence fragment. The fix is simply to turn the "P" in "Packed" to lowercase, and add this piece of a sentence to the one before it. Another option is to add a subject to the sentence.

You have come to the right place, our free hosting package is perfect for almost every type of website.
This is a run-on sentence with two clauses separated by a comma which is insufficient. This can be fixed quite easily by adding "and" after the comma, or changing the comma to a period.

Explore our website and if you like what you see then give us a try, you will not be disappointed
This is a run-on sentence with two clauses separated by a comma which is insufficient. My suggestion in this case would be to separate the two clauses with a period and create two sentences.

Free cPanel website hosting for the masses, build and host your cms websites with GigaRank for free on our super stable and lightening fast powerful servers.
This is a sentence fragment. I would suggest changing the comma after "...for the masses" to a colon as a fix.

Installed on the servers; PHP Version Selector, Mysql 5...
Using the semi-colon makes this a sentence fragment; consider a revision in which the semi-colon is a colon.

Our control panel functionality goes beyond the traditional free hosting industry standards, the same way our servers and support levels do.
This sentence contains an unnecessary comma.

cPanel the worlds most popular control panel also comes with Softaculous Script Installer, which is designed to easily...
This sentence contains too few commas. I suggest placing one after "cPanel" and another after "the world's most popular control panel" (and "worlds" needs an apostrophe before the "s" to denote ownership).

Our free technical support teams are available when you need them and will give you all the help you need ticket support or by forum support.
It looks like there may be some missing words here which is making this sentence grammatically incorrect.

At Gigarank we pride ourselves in providing speedy cPanel web hosting, our service is reliable, feature packed and affordable.
This is a run-on sentence with two separate clauses separated by a comma. The comma just before "our" can be changed to a semi-colon, or a period (and capitalize the "O" in "our") as a fix.

...and pride ourselves on being totally dependable, whatever you might need help with.
This sentence has an unnecessary comma.

Want to know the uptime stats or check our server loads? No problem head over to the server stats page anytime you wish. You can also check out our server speeds, visit the Server Stats page.
"No problem" is its own sentence. Place a period after "problem" and capitalize the "h" in "head." Also its own sentence is "visit the server stats page." The comma is separating two clauses and is insufficient without either creating two separate sentences or adding a conjunction (such as "and" or "but") after the comma.

gigarocket.net is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 57 user reviews.
The second sentence here is a fragment. Drop the period and lowercase the "B" in "Based" to fix.

Suggested revisions:

We provide you with No Ads, FTP access, email accounts, PHP with Mysql databases for running your favourite content management scripts like Wordpress or phpBB and so much more.

Because this is a list of objects, the word "no" presented at the beginning can be misinterpreted to apply to all items in the list (i.e. "We provide you with No Ads, No FTP access, No email accounts, No PHP with Mysql databases..."). My suggested fix for this is to state that you do provide the rest of the listed items. "We provide you with No Ads, while offering FTP access, email accounts, PHP with Mysql databases..."

Additionally, there are many unique tools added by us like Softaculous script installer, website builder, free SEO Tools and analytics.
While the serial comma is unnecessary, it can help avoid possible confusion, and I would suggest adding it in this case. As written, it appears that the final object is "SEO Tools and analytics" while it's possible that those are two separate objects, "SEO Tools" and "analytics." My suggested revision to avoid confusion (if these are two separate objects in the list) is to add a comma after "Tools."