which computer games do you play??

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Currently playing Tree of Savior on Steam. Its pretty much identical to Ragnarok Online, but of course way better.
you can play it with keyboard or a controller.


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Diablo 3
Just Cause 3
Guild Wars 1 and 2
Evolve Stage 2
Farcry (All Versions)
Fallout (All Versions)


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Chronicles of Elyria
  • Aging, Dying, & Souls | An epic 10-year story-line invites you to experience your character over multiple lifetimes. With each life you will develop your character and make your mark in the Chronicles. When your character eventually dies, their soul will be reincarnated stronger than before and their spirit and destiny will live on in another character of your making.
  • MMORPG Meets Survival Game | With limited inventory, hunger and thirst, drowning and fatigue, and dangerous landscapes containing both sweltering heat and frigid cold, a character must be truly heroic to become a hero. The riches are real and adventurers can become the wealthiest and most powerful in the world - if they can survive the harsh environments.
  • Family, Land, & Housing System | Be a part of a player ran family, inheriting titles, riches, and character traits from your parents and ancestors. Use your lands to grow crops and farm, or lease land to others to build player-ran towns. Set laws, acquire resources, and grow your domain from hamlet to kingdom.
  • Fully Skill-based Character DevelopmentGame-Enforced Player Contracts
anyways.. those are just a few of the games i play and look forward to playing!!


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I'm currently playing:
Dragon Age Inquisition
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
Dragon Quest Heroes

These 3 games Dragon Age Inquisition is the most interesting, reminds a bit of a mmorpg but offline, you can switch control between any character in the group, and the others are being controlled by the computer


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Project Cars with racing wheel, CS:GO, Natural Selection 2, Alice: maddness returns, I'll post more as I play through my list of steam games


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I played paladins:champions of the realms
Stardew valley
Gta IV
Gta san andreas(singleplayer and multiplayer)
counter-strike (all of them)
ark survival
Bloons Td battles
Bloons Td 5
Monkey city
Asphalt 8:Airborne
Need for speed underground 2
Need for speed most wanted III
Need for speed carbon


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My favorites are strategy games but not those command & Conqure. I prefer Age of empire type cames or Turn base games. I used to like those space games with spaceship battles. Specailly Star Wars games. But they haven't released anything interested for a while. It's been a while I played a good game like Rogue Squadron or one like Star Wars Rebellion.


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i like too play computer game. :D
i used to play all Pro Evolution Soccer edition
Play All GTA series
i enjoyed it all :D
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