Which is your favourite sport?


I like watching rugby. Two of my favourite rugby teams are the All Blacks from New Zealand and the Springboks from South Africa. They are enormously well matched for great viewing matches. I also like the rugby teams from Wales, Ireland and Argentina. Of my most enjoyable moments have been the French punishing the English Roses rugby team on French soil. They are also well matched for great viewing.



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I'm for cricket myself, and can't wait for England to become No. 1 in ranking. They've done bloody well over the last two years. So yeah .... cricket's my favourite sports.


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Football is the world favorite sport


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:shock: ... OK ...

I enjoy swimming and diving. So the sports fascinate me as well. I also love to watch ice skating and gymnastics.


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1994 I got black belt in karate from Mr.Okamoto in Cairo
By the way he was like 60 years old and drunk and he beat me in 6 mins :wacko:
I was sure I failed 100% , but he signed the certificate and told me that I am going to be a very good fighter !!

yup He was wasted :rofl:


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Hubba Hubba :)

I`m a Football fan, I believe the Americans call it Soccer for some strange reason.


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well, soccer and basketball .. though when watching games i only watch soccer matches.. only the important ones :lol:
but in general i play basketball with my friends ..