Which is your favourite Team


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lets say about our favorite's team's!!!!

i am starting 1st!!!!

Olympiacos CFP!!!!!!!


a multisport club in Piraeus, Greece

Full name:
??? ?????????? ????????? ???????? ????????
(Olympiacos Club of Fans of Piraeus)

?hrylos (The Legend)
Erythrolefki (The Red-Whites)
Kokkini (The Reds)

Founded: 10 March 1925; 88 years ago
Ground: Karaiskakis Stadium
Piraeus, Greece
(capacity: 32,115[1])
Owner Greece Evangelos Marinakis
Coach: Spain M?chelClub home page
Local Championship: 40 (The most in Greece)






Olympiacos repeats as Euroleague champion!




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I am a fan of bayern munchen :smile:

not only because they won 3 big cups this year .. I am alawys with them whenever they win or lose :p


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What remember me now...!!!!!

September 18, 2002 Champions League....!!!!!

Olympiakos - Bayer (NOT MUNCHEN)...!!!!

Olympiakos - Bayer Leverkusen


Olympiakos 6 - 2 Bayer Leverkusen


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I like the Olympics and enjoy all world teams - except the US / England / China cuz their teams are soo large - they send like 1000s of people to compete :)


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Football has been known for decades as the most popular sports around the world and no doubt on that because it has the largest number of fans in the world.Almost every country in the world has their own football league with various teams competing to win few league titles and trying their best to create their own record. Team with great records, unique skills and style of game has more fans than usual team, therefore people will select their favourite team based on that.
As for me, I choose Barcelona as my favourite team. This team has created their own record in winning third consecutive league title in La Liga and has dominating the league for quite a long time with their ultimate opponent, Real Madrid. Other than that, this team has won UEFA Champions League title for the fourth time. This team also the among most voted team to become the king of Europe. No doubt on that, the players are playing in their best condition and they have unique tactical style in attacking, controlling and defending ball. They're also playing possession football to avoid loosing ball to the opponent and have shown to the world with their superb passing skill.
I feel satisfied and entertained with their skill when watching their match. They are enjoying their game and have good understanding between them. These make them a strong team and in fact the best team I've ever found. I think they will be dominating La Liga and UEFA Champions League for years. Besides that, Barcelona is lined with world class players which enable them to perform as best as they could.

Yaser, please don't make any more copy paste posts. Copy paste is against the rules, particularly when you don't put them in quotes and provide the source where you got them form - Genesis.


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WKS ?l?sk Wroc?aw and Manchester United, although MU is currently going down in Premier League


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Leeds United. Best team in the world. End of story ;)

p.s typical to see some Man U fans here that have probably never been anywhere near Manchester. Haha.