Which media do you use to check on the news - Internet/TV/Newspaper/Other?

What media do you use to get the news?

  • Internet

    Votes: 32 97.0%
  • TV News

    Votes: 10 30.3%
  • News Paper

    Votes: 6 18.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 12.1%

  • Total voters


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I was wondering what media people are using to check on the news? Internet/TV News/Newspaper/Other? Do you have a special way of getting the news, i.e. getting headlines e-mailed to you?

I must say I'm terrible as I never read the news paper. Yahoo is my home page, and I usually get my news highlights that way. And if I'm lucky and have time to watch TV, I may catch news headlines on TV.

With the poll, I've allowed for people who may be using more than one media to get their news.


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I using all tools i have.
When at home i using tv or internet or news papers
when i working i use ipad, iphone for free time.


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Mostly the Internet. For the simple reason I don't have time. And it is very rarely that I have a chance to watch TV.


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I mainly use the internet as its quick and easy to read the latest news. You can even, like personalise the main newspage to show your favourite topics. I too don't have the time for watching TV it is half an hour of news and sometimes most of it it about boring things.


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Craig said:
I too don't have the time for watching TV it is half an hour of news and sometimes most of it it about boring things.
True, the worst part for me is when the news is repetitive, i.e. they repeat the previous broadcast's news. Now how could that possibly be considered to be news! :rolleyes:


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Using the internet because this is the best way to view the news, tablet, phone or computer.

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I have phone to access internet anytime . The twitter and social media help to get all the latest news within seconds as they happen. I read newspapers for editorials.


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Not many years ago we was lucky if we had dial-up internet, now we have broadband speed internet on the go with our smartphones! How times and technology changes our lives so fast..

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I was thinking the same thing Chris. Particularly the last two nights in Ruwi, Oman. When I was here a few years ago, it was great just to be able to use a cell phone for something other than just phoning.

What's pretty awesome for particularly the labourers here in the Middle East from countries like India, is they don't need computers - laptop - any longer. The phone just does everything for them, including watching movies and browsing the Internet. Definitely a new world. Pretty awesome in fact. Just think of the informal education that goes with the ability to do all of what can be done on the phone. Sort of recreating the world for infinite possibilities. :cool:


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I use my laptop for everything, including checking the news. However find myself checking the news on TV as well as my family is quite into news. We also get the newspaper every day.


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Internet because it is too convenient, from PC to tablets to smart phones.
No need to carry any papers around.


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I still like scrap papers though. I've always got scrap pages at home with notes on them. Looks like chaos, but I pretty much know where to find the notes.
I use the internet mostly. Who can afford a newspaper subscription? I read the New York Times at coffee shops though.

Some of my favorite news websites are Huffington Post and BBC.

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Mostly use the internet, getting daily emails from a variety of sources. Still watch news on TV some and read our sad little ever shrinking local newspaper every day. I really like being able to get information from a variety of sources and more and more enjoy comparing coverage of same issues/events by different sources.