Who is watching Vikings (TV)?


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I think that's really a great TV show.
So I am surprised that most of my friends don't even know the show.

What do you guys think?


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:friends: i am watching Vikings. Actually i have watched all three seasons already. :confused:.And i loved it Ragnar Lokbroth and floki are the guys i love most.Season 3 was the best of all three seasons i guess.
:cry: And season 4 is coming in 2016.


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Yeah, love this. It's not as famous probably because of the timing of showing since it's the same time as Game of Thrones. Should have aired AFTER GoT.
Oh I really enjoy Vikings, Floki is my favoured character, he is so complex and more than a little mysterious, Ragnar is likeable in the first season but I have steadily gone off his character. I get that he's supposed to be this rough and ready Viking warrior King but I never find people who cheat and betray terribly likeable, but that's just me.


That is one of my favorite TV shows in last decade. I am a real fun of Ragnar and Floki !!!


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I really enjoy the show. I think the character progression in the show is one of the things I love most about it. Especially Lagerthas and Rollos.


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Personally, I think Vikings is one of the best shows put on television in a LONG time. It is a VERY accurate depition of their culture and a fairly accurate depiction of their history in general. The timing of events has be moved around to fit a good narrative.

Over all a very good show.


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I love the show but dont know how it can go on after the happening of the last season(not spoiling). I was supprissed to find out that Ragnar really existed, made sense then that it was a history channel show.


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I really love Vikings. Unfortunately, I preferred the season 1 and 2, yet I cannot say "no" when new episodes are released although most of my favourite plots and characters are, well, finished :D

I really like the overall theme of norsemen travelling and kicking ass all around the Europe, I like how he series are being made visually, the climate is really harsh and immersive. Music is also a great thing, especially Wardruna tracks - I do like that band a lot, too.

Haven't really watched Game of Thrones at all, so I cannot really refer or compare the two. I think I wouldn't watch GoT, as I prefer series that are rather short (Band of Brothers) or with not so frequently released seasons (Black Mirror, and as here, Vikings). I just don't have too much time for TV series and here, with Vikings, the seasons come out with long breaks.

I would definetly recommend Vikings!


Agreed it's quite good. I watched its first episodes a couple of years ago, and then for some reason started missing episodes and then because I'd missed a big portion of the storyline stopped watching them. The ones I saw were quite good.