Who Is Your Favorite Domain Registrar?

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@chiyancheung I agree with you on this one. I find all of those large corporations who are listed on the stock exchanges of the world as basically anything but focused on the best interest of you and I other than to make as much money as possible for their share holders. When one is into investments, they say it is bad practice to put all of your eggs in one basket, as if when one basket goes bust, you'll lose everything you invested. Whereas if you diversified your investments you will lose much less.

I'm very suspicious of Google, but like Google is using me, I'm using Google where it suits me, i.e. their browser is not optimal, but it is better than the others. I also use Firefox browser which I think is a more ethical browser because they aren't listed on the stock exchange and it's not a for profit browser. It makes it of course more difficult then for Firefox to compete with Google, but still, I support Firefox. Same with Microsoft, which I think is one of the most evil operators out there yet, particularly because their wealth was built on the sheep herd mentality of the whole of the world subscribing to their licenses the technology of which was built on Linux - basically - which was a free gift from Linux. Etc etc.

I'd never ever get a domain from Google or Microsoft. I'd get it directly from a Domain Registrar. I also won't get it from GoDaddy and these days even Namecheap that seems to be into all other kinds of activities but just domains.

BTW I've never taken to Cloudflare yet. I don't like their captchas, now more than ever as these days looks like linked in is also with Cloudflare and when I click on their link I have to go through Cloudflare captcha each and every time because my IP no doubt is from a country they don't like. The larger and more massive a place like Cloudflare gets, the more they mass produce their "security solutions" which create collateral damage of a very large number of participants in the Internet. So yes, I have zero affiliation or even liking for Cloudflare. And I'm very suspicious of Google.

I am totally convinced Google doesn't really have my interest at heart. How many of us have been kicked out of our e-mail accounts with great difficulty to get back in when Google had offered an e-mail verification method which you had subscribed to and set your account up with, and next when they grow suspicious because you were using your e-mail account from an IP that was suspicious to them (in the UAE), they not only block your account, but then wants you to verify with a phone number that was never set up. Obviously something had gone wrong in how they set up their verification process. Thankfully with trying other avenues and because I'm more or less a bit savvy or resourceful or maybe just lucky, I finally could get in, because it is my primary e-mail account, but what about millions of others who are in the same position?

So yes, maybe I have different reasons, but I'm also identifying with your position about Google and Cloudflare. Big Brother who isn't really that focused on helping you except to help themselves.


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I used to use ROTLD but I had a very unpleasant surprise and now I have to find another one. My domain expired, they warned me about it, but I ignored it for a long time, because I wasn't sure I wanted to pay for it anymore. Two nights ago I received an email informing me that my domain was closed. I wasn't asleep yet, I saw the mail. I said, okay, I'll reopen it tomorrow morning. The next day, my domain had already been taken over by someone reselling it. I was very upset, and I still think that my registrar, in one way or another, is related to the company that sells domains.
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