Who Is Your Favorite Domain Registrar?

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I'm still a novice, but decided if I am going to buy a domain, it will be Namecheap for now. It seems to have really great specials available all of the time.


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I'm for Namecheap as well. Have heard great reports about them for special deals. I like it however that there are plenty of opportunities to earn a domain at Gigalicous. A great incentive for sticking around as well.


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My Fav Domain registrar is godaddy because its affordable
Its easy to use and hosting package is not much cheap but 100% up grantee


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Mine is dot.tk

It is free domain (.tk), I choose it because I'm just a student and don't have money to buy .com or .net domain. :mega_shock:


I use loopia.se but I also have some experience with binero.se. They both have similar prices and the support has been good the few times it has been needed. I haven't used GoDaddy or any of the other registrars mentioned in this thread because I'm more used to other payment options that are not available on foreign sites.


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I use Dynadot, Name.com and namecheap to buy my domains. :heart: Namecheap and name.com are good because of their whois privacy which is free and their promotions. I don't think dynadot has free whois privacy but it was where I bought my first domains and they helped me a lot :)


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I recently bought a domain from namecheap and found the price for the same domain about a third cheaper than godaddy. On top of it godaddy charges extra for privacy. And it is just too full of bells and whistles. I find namecheap far simpler and easier to navigate. It was great good domain purchasing experience.


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Godaddy used to be the most talked about until they announced support for sopa & pipa. So someone created a boycott website and asked people to transfer domains from godaddy to others, http://godaddyboycott.org/. After that the recent breach, http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/29/5356866/twitter-n-account-attack-naoki-hiroshima-godaddy-paypal.

If you want the cheapest domains then go to namesilo, http://www.namesilo.com/pricing.php and they include free whois privacy. The only drawback with namesilo is that they offer only top level TLD's.

So if you want other TLD's then the next cheapest are namecheap & name.com but you have to pay extra for whois privacy.

If you want more features than go with gandi.net, http://www.gandi.net/domain/details as they offer 1 SSL, 5 email accounts based on your domain and also DotClear2 blog with 1GB disk space & 10GB limit.


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For lowest prices I go with the promotions at godaddy and even oneandone (although I would not recommend any of those). If I really care about the domain I would always keep it within my reseller account I hold with directi / resellerclub.
In the past I used to like name.com for flexibility, moniker, some sub-resellers too.
The most important things for me are security, privacy, dns changes, all these should be included in the registration price.
Domain flippers may look into other things such as availability of a free push (owner change), renewal policy and so on.


My favorite is Godaddy.com bcoz it provides me the cheapst domain name. Also mostly I gotta go with buying a hosting plan that comes with free domain name registration such as Bulehost.


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Namecheap is great their free dns is much better than most others. Godaddy is ok if you do not have a lot of DNS entries to make.


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Penguin said:
If you want the cheapest domains then go to namesilo, http://www.namesilo.com/pricing.php and they include free whois privacy. The only drawback with namesilo is that they offer only top level TLD's.

Thank you! I'm going to try Namesilo. Compared all prices and it is indeed the cheapest, plus no price increase over time. I don't mind top level TLD's at all. XD


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Freenom (.tk domain registrar) now offers cheap .net registrations.
Just noticed it two days ago as well. Freenom still has to prove itself to me first though. I think the value of the Registrar in terms of transfers of domains one day also plays a role in my assessment of which Registrar to use. Price is very important, but it has to be a Registrar with some proven reputation for me.


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I've always used GoDaddy for all my domains. it just works, and that's what I want. As long as GoDaddy keeps working like it does (at least for domains, havent tried hosting) then I'll keep using it.
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