who use oxwall ?



Somebody have experience about social network platform like oxwall ??
actually i just try the demo for short time , but i have a feeling is very similar then ning and socialgo


yes , this software , also can find in the gigarank server , some days ago i try to test the demo version ....
actually i dont think is really so good , also when i try to find template and plugin i really have serius difficult to find.

maybe better i start to try use worldpress
The plugins for Oxwall can be found here: http://www.oxwall.org/store

To be honest it isn't a very good platform and if you want a community running on your site their forum script is awful, I tried using Oxwall a while back and deleted the site before I even let it go live.


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I like the editing capabilities of the themes in Oxwall
and I like the plugins and that you can create html pages and the IM bar, it's also compatible with the skysa bar for member integration!
I don't like that the main activity stream on the homepage doesn't auto update you have to refresh
and sometimes it can be a pain updating the plugins
out of all the social networking softwares I've seen this has the most customization options and pre made addons.