Who watches Game of Thrones?


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binil said:
I have watched the entire show. Its entertaining - No doubt about that. But I don't think that GoT is the best. There are better series out there.

I'd say that there are huge chunks (like 4-6 episode chunks) that can basically be skipped, or at least fast-forwarded through.

Many of the shocks and plot twists are genuinely exciting and well thought out, but it gets hard to connect with any characters, unless if they've been with the series for a few seasons. I didn't really feel anything when Hodor died, except for the explanation of his character (which felt like a sort of retconning, or using an already-established character without a history or plans to make it look like the writer had an idea for them the whole time).


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Did somebody say Game of Thrones?

I mean, though they've done some terrible things, I have to give it to the Targaryens. I mean, they have dragons!


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I think this is the best TV series ever...
The whole acting , waiting for something to happen and it would happen exactly the opposite is killing me...
But the show is very professional made and a great acting crew.
Too bad the author did not finish the last book on time...


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I really enjoyed the entire Game of Thrones series. Do have to say that the latest episode ain't really my favorite one, but it's a great serie to watch. Doesn't get bored, has tons of plot switches. In the early seasons there is lots of nudity and sex scenes. Though noted that the further in the series, the lesser that occurred. There are scenes that really take you.
It's a serie which you can expect everything, even the complete unexpected :) Love it all the way


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The Starks house of course but my favorite character has always been