Why am I getting a "Odd number of elements in anonymous hash" warning in Perl?


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Help, I'm trying to create a new post in my wordpress blog with custom fields using the following perl script using metaweblogAPI over XMLRPC, but there seems to be an issue with the custom fields. Only the second custom field (width) ever seems to get posted. Can't get the "height" to publish properly. When I add another field, I get the "Odd number of elements in anonymous hash" error. This has got to be something simple - would someone kindly sanity check my syntax? Thanks.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use RPC::XML::Client;
use Data::Dumper;

my $cli=RPC::XML::Client->new('http://www.sitename.com/wp/xmlrpc.php');

my $appkey="perl"; # doesn't matter
my $blogid=1; # doesn't matter (except blogfarm)

my $username="Jim";
my $passwd='_____';

my $text=<<'END';

This is the post content...

You can also include html tags...

See you!

my $publish=0; # set to 1 to publish, 0 to put post in drafts

my $resp=$cli->send_request('metaWeblog.newPost',
  'title'       => "this is doodoo",
  'description' => $text,
  'custom_fields' => {
    { "key" => "height", "value" => 500 },
    { "key" => "width", "value" => 750 }

exit 0;