Why isnt my BlueGiga BLE113 being discovered?


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I have a BLE113 chip wired like so:

<a href=" " rel="nofollow"> </a>

I've measured the voltage through the wires to make sure that power is going into the BLE113 board, and a constant input of 3.3V is (which is what is required).

I flashed the chip using the BGDemo project found on Bluegiga's website, and on <a href="http://edisonthk.wordpress.com/2014...-le-and-android-with-ble112-bluetooth-module/" rel="nofollow">http://edisonthk.wordpress.com/2014...-le-and-android-with-ble112-bluetooth-module/</a>

The bgdemo script:

dim addr(6)

# Boot Event listener
event system_boot(major ,minor ,patch ,build ,ll_version ,protocol_version ,hw )

    #Get local BT address
    call system_address_get( )(addr(0:6))

    # Write BT address to DI service serial number string
    call attributes_write(xgatt_dis_2a25,0,6,addr(0:5))

    #set to advertising mode
    call gap_set_mode(gap_general_discoverable,gap_undirected_connectable)

    #set bondable mode
    call sm_set_bondable_mode(1)


# Disconnection event listener
event connection_disconnected(handle,result)
    #connection disconnected, continue advertising
    call gap_set_mode(gap_general_discoverable,gap_undirected_connectable)

No errors came up through bgbuild. And I mark the chip as discoverable and connectable yet none of my bluetooth devices are discovering the chip, why?